Why Self-Kindness Is Key To Your Mental Health

    Group Of Mature Men And Women In Class At Outdoor Yoga Retreat

    In times like these, when we’re facing constant challenges and the future looks uncertain, it’s easy to neglect our own emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. COVID-19 is impacting every aspect of our lives and we’re all experiencing the pandemic in our own individual way. That’s why treating yourself with kindness is so important, now more than ever. 

    Self-kindness will mean different things for different people. Think about ways to look after yourself and doing it often. For some, this could be baking, reading or sweating it out in a workout. For others, it could be spending time outdoors, treating yourself to a gift or getting in touch with friends. Try and incorporate the things you enjoy into your life, especially when things get difficult. 

    If you’re already doing things that make you happy but aren’t sure how to go further, then try mentally training self-kindness. Ask yourself: “What would I say to a good friend in a situation like this? How would I say it?” Take note of your answer, as this is the key to showing yourself kindness, care and affection.

    There are so many benefits to being kind to yourself, from managing stress and anxiety, to boosting self-esteem and allowing yourself to be happier and healthier. Studies show that when you are kind to yourself, your body moves into a state of safety and relaxation which is important for regeneration and healing.  

    But, if you’re struggling with self-kindness, there is help at hand. As part of Vitality Healthy Mind, we’ve partnered with Togetherall to offer our members access to a safe, online and anonymous support community, alongside the safety of clinically-managed and trained professionals. On Togetherall you can also get creative, join online courses and find out lots of information related to self-kindness, mental health and wellbeing. 

    Togetherall is included on all Vitality Health plans and using it won’t count as a claim. Get support, take control and start feeling better today.

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