What pride means to me: Talking LGBTQ+ With Vitality Employee Andrew

    Published: 16 June 2021. Written by: Andrew Isaac.

    For Pride we are sharing some of our Vitality employee stories, this time we have Andrew’s story 🏳️‍🌈

    I’m sad to say that I wasn’t always a believer of celebrating Pride. My ignorance, selfishness and lack of understanding made me think it was all just unnecessary. And sadly, people still have this attitude today. 

    It was only through listening to our older generations and watching movies like “Milk” “Brokeback Mountain” or reading books like “Tales of the City” I started to learn how lucky I am.

    So now, I am that older generation. I am the one that gets sad and upset when the younger LGBTQ+ generation also think pride month or have a parade is still unnecessary. 

    Often, I see a lot of privilege, disrespect, arrogance and judgements within my community either online or in person. These are the people I would like to send my message to in hope I can change their views. If we can educate, come together and keep re-telling of HOW and WHY the first pride happened we should be one step closer to making the world an accepting place for the LGBTQIA+ community to live in.

    My last words on this, if you are the person, I used to be… Think outside your home, your town, your country. Because you and I are still a criminal in 71 countries and would be put to death in 11. 

    People are still being killed today. 

    We celebrate Pride because of the journey and the fight our elders went through that allows you and I to have the right to exist in a place where we can love in less fear than other countries. We need to keep marching forward and be the representatives for inspiration for further changes in the world.  

    We all celebrate pride in our own way, and with our own thoughts and reasoning for being in a parade. It’s not just a mass party of flamboyance, it is having the courage to express who you really are and be comfortable to stand for what you want to express. 

    Pride can be an emotional time for me. I will be celebrating Pride this year by raising a glass and saying thank you to those that have passed, fighting the good fight and keeping your legacy going. I will also be saying prayers for the ones still living in fear and hope one day we won’t have to have a pride… Imagine that.