Vitality’s 2019 fitness forecast

    2019 fitness

    Looking to shake up your exercise routine this year? From AI personal trainers to live streaming your classes, 2019 promises to be filled with plenty of inspiration.

    1. Start live streaming your workouts (from home!)

    Virtual workouts will soar this year – offering you the chance to follow live classes from the comfort of your living room. Gyms are beginning to offer live video workouts during off-peak hours, while Peloton is the latest cycling innovation. The brand allows users to buy a high-tech spinning bike and tune into daily classes live from the New York-based studios. Similarly, watch out for Fiit TV, which offers PT-led cardio, strength and yoga sessions via your TV.

    2. Take the plunge with underwater boxing

    A new patent for an underwater punch bag is set to make a splash by adding extra resistance to your workout. Water therapy is great for body conditioning and underwater boxing has been used as a workout for Parkinson’s patients to strengthen muscles and help them exercise without fear of falling. Now, it could be ready to go mainstream – watch this space.

    3. Challenge yourself to a Ninja Warrior workout

    You’ve seen the obstacle course game show on TV, but ninja warrior-esque workouts will soon be hitting your gym studios. Climbing, swinging, jumping and balance challenges all add up to an amazing cardio workout. And it’s perfect for adventure lovers, too. For now, check out Total Ninja in Manchester – it’s currently the world’s largest ninja training park.

    4. Strip back your workout with ‘conscious movement’

    The idea of fast, intense exercise will continue to be popular, but a slower, more balanced form of fitness that demands more awareness of our body and movement will also trend this year. One example is yin yoga. This involves deep, restful poses to counteract sitting at a desk all day. But LIIT – low-impact interval training, which emphasises form and exercising slower for longer, will also see a rise.

    5. Tune into your own AI personal trainer

    If you love weight-lifting, doing your own cardio routines or long-distance endurance training, audio workouts are a game-changer. Negating the need for a personal trainer, apps such as Aaptiv let users tune into pre-recorded audio workouts set to music. Vi goes one step further, as it’s powered by AI and tailored to your fitness goals, using bio-sensing headphones.

    6. Swap spinning for indoor rowing

    The UK’s first dedicated rowing studio Engine Room has just opened and gyms are introducing more rowing-based group classes to their roster. Working 85% of the muscles in your body, it’s a powerful workout and is similar to a spin class, where your teacher pushes you to pull harder and sweat for longer. Also check out the recently launched #SheRows campaign, fronted by double Olympic champion Helen Glover MBE, to get more women into indoor rowing.

    7. Try working out at work

    Swedish sports brand Bjorn Borg is holding weekly mandatory exercise sessions for its employees and research by Leeds Beckett University proves they’re on to something. Exercise during work hours boosts our performance. 2019 is the year of lunchtime gym sessions, table tennis matches and yoga classes with your colleagues.

    8. Discover the science beyond your session with DNA testing

    You can now take a DNA test to help you achieve peak fitness and nutrition. Companies such as Rightangled are leading the way – partnering with St Thomas’ Hospital in London, they’ve design a test that assesses everything from how you respond to exercise to your muscle power and metabolism. It’s the next level in personalisation for our health.

    9. Float your way to workout recovery

    This beyond just foam rolling this year, with everything from inflatable ice baths to compression massage leggings. One new method that athletes are swearing by is sensory deprivation floatation tanks – a soundproof tank filled with salt-infused water where you can just relax and float. Results include decreased muscle soreness and anxiety, plus a noticeable boost in performance.

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