Top Tips for Returning to the Office

    Returning to the office in London walking
    Published: 26 January 2022. Written by: Belinda Sidhu, Head of Health & Wellbeing at Vitality.

    Following the announcement of the end of Plan B restrictions, many of us are faced with returning back to the office again. With this news may come mixed feelings and emotions.

    Some of us may be feeling excited about the social contact and engagement, whilst others may be experiencing anxiety at having to join the daily commute again.

    Have a read below for some top tips to help you with the transition:

    Establish a new routine

    Start planning your routine and getting into the habit of waking up earlier now. You can start slowly by setting your alarm clock a little earlier each day – and why not use that extra time for something that brings you joy, perhaps a morning mindfulness session or a morning walk.

    As you return to the daily commute, you may need to consider your eating habits. You could find yourself having to push back your evening meal depending on the time it takes you to get home from the office. Try slowly pushing your mealtimes back to when you would have dinner after your office commute.

    Look after yourself

    Ensure you are taking care of your mind and body. Both your mental and physical wellbeing are interconnected. Make sure you’re getting the nutrients you need; you’re moving your body – whether that’s moderate exercise, a walk or gentle yoga, and taking time to care for your mental health too.

    Change can cause anxiety and stress. Mindfulness is a great technique that can help with managing stress and anxiety by bringing us back to the present moment. Just a few minutes every day can have a beneficial effect.

    Talk it through

    Get an understanding of what support is available to you. This may include looking at your workplace policies and procedures or having an open discussion with your line manager around expectations. Talking through any worries or anxieties you may have could help to alleviate them. Prepare a list of questions and thoughts you have before your chat, so you don’t miss anything.

    Think positive

    Making a note of the positives and some of the things you are excited to return to the office for can help put you in a more positive mindset. It might be the social time you’ve been missing out on over a morning coffee break, or less video calls!

    The future of hybrid working looks set to stay for atleast the near future, which means many of us are working in the office, but also at home. If you’re feeling over your home office then here are some expert-backed ways to love WFH again.

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