Top Tips and Advice on Returning to The Gym with Nuffield Health

    Personal trainer in Nuffield gym
    Published: 9 April 2021. In collaboration with Nuffield Health.

    From Monday 12th April, gyms in the UK are opening for public use, which means many of us will be able to resume a more regular and consistent workout routine. For months we’ve been used to tricep dips on the kitchen worktops and using various household objects as weights (unless you were lucky enough to grab some real barbells).

    With the gyms finally re-opening we’ve teamed up with Nuffield Health to bring you a four part series on returning to the gym, including advice, warm-up, dumbbell workout and a cool down. Personal Trainer Zahra goes through her top five tips to help you ease back into your gym routine – including enjoying yourself!

    Ready to get started at the gym? Personal Trainer Zahra has a quick and easy warm-up for both beginner and intermediate levels

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