Outdoor workout

We help you take your next outdoor workout up a notch with a little help from personal trainer, Jenny Francis, with this outdoor workout – perfect for the park, garden or beach. 

Outdoor workouts are incredible for your mental health, helping you connect with nature, disconnect from work and really take some time out just for you and your health. Even better, if you use the right bodyweight moves, you get an all-over resistance and cardio workout that’s just as a session at the gym.

Fancy taking your next al fresco fitness session up a challenge level? Then look no further. Vitality Home Fitness coach, Jenny Francis, has created the ultimate outdoor body session for maximum workout gains.

What do I need?

Nothing. Just some outdoor space and a tree or wall to lean on.

How do I do the outdoor workout?

Personal trainer, Jenny Francis, will demonstrate the 8 exercises featured in the set so that you know what to expect.

  1. Side shuffles with jump squats
  2. High knees with duck walk
  3. Side jump into upward jump
  4. Elevated mountain climbers
  5. Sprints
  6. Plank side walk
  7. Skater jumps
  8. Glute bridge

She will then take you through one full set, where you’ll perform each exercise for 40 seconds, followed by a 20 second rest.

Once you have gone through the full set, repeat it one more time – and if you’re really looking for a challenge, perform a total of 4 sets.

Things to remember

Whenever you perform any of these exercises, make sure you focus on form rather than speed and if you feel any aches and pains, stop doing what you’re doing. As you are outdoors, make sure you drink plenty of water and to stay hydrated.

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