Jenny Francis Chair Workout

If you’re missing the gym and want a workout that ups the intensity, Jenny Francis’ full-body chair workout blends cardio and strength to give all-round fitness gains…

Fancy trying something a little different for your next home workout? Want to get creative with what’s available at home? Then look no further than the first episode in our Home Fitness Coach series, where personal trainer Jenny Francis coaches us through an adaptable HIIT circuit that uses one piece of readily available equipment to add intensity to your session.

What do I need?

All you need is a stable chair from home and that’s it!

How does it work?

Personal trainer, Jenny Francis, will demonstrate the 8 exercises featured in the set so that you know what to expect.

1) Elevated mountain climbers
2) Step up + reverse lunge
3) Tricep dips
4) Elevated plank with shoulder taps
5) Plank step-ups
6) Single leg sit and stands
7) Toe taps onto chair
8) Sit to jump squats

She will then take you through one full set, where you’ll perform each exercise for 40 seconds, followed by a 20 second rest.

Once you have gone through the full set, repeat it one more time – and if you’re really looking for a challenge, perform a total of 4 sets.

Things to remember

Whenever you perform any of these exercises, make sure you focus on form rather than speed and if you feel any aches and pains, stop doing what you’re doing. Other than that, make sure you drink plenty of water and enjoy.

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