If you’re looking to get fit (or perhaps you’re already a dedicated gym-goer or sports person, but fancy trying something new), cycling could be the hobby you’re about to fall in love with.

Cycling is a fantastic low impact sport that will exercise your muscles and burn calories as well as put less strain on your joints compared to other activities such as running.

As you gain experience and fitness, you’ll be able to go further, giving you a great opportunity to see more of the world than you might whizzing along in your car.

Where to start when buying a new bike

If you’re right at the start of your journey and looking to buy a bike – you first need to decide where you want to ride. A road bike will be faster and lighter on the roads, a mountain bike will deal with the terrain if you fancy taking on some trails and enjoying forest or woodland – and a hybrid bike will give you a little taste of both worlds.

Our video will help you make the best choice to suit your needs:

How to choose the best clothing for cycling

Riding your bike doesn’t mean you have to wear anything you’re not comfortable in. Many cyclists opt for lycra because they can move freely and keep sweat at bay – but it’s not a must. When you’re getting started, a pair of gym trousers or running tights and a t-shirt that wicks sweat from your skin will be fine. You should avoid any trousers that flare or have loose bottoms at the hem – there is a good chance you’ll get them stuck in the chain, which will get messy.

As autumn progresses into winter, and the weather begins to turn, a good waterproof jacket and gloves will make a big difference to your comfort on the bike. Here’s a quick video guide which will help you decide what to wear when commuting on your bike:

How to get motivated to cycle

Having a goal or someone to encourage you can make a huge difference to your motivation. Perhaps there is an event you want to take part in, or maybe a distance you’ve decided you want to be able to complete.

Evan Cycles holds RideIt! events all over the country, with an off-road ride every Saturday and a road sportive on Sunday. Distances vary from 15 miles to 115 miles – so you can start wherever you’re comfortable, in the knowledge there is plenty more to achieve.

These events are friendly and designed to suit everyone from the novice to the experienced rider. However, if you’d rather fly solo, picking a destination you want to ride to, and gradually increasing your distance over time is another way to keep up the momentum.

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