Sunday Cook Up

A working weeks’ worth of tasty, homemade dinners ready in just two hours – impossible, surely? Not with the Big Sunday Cook Up. Devote a couple of hours (give or take…) at the weekend to an anyone-can-do-it cooking session, and five wholesome suppers is yours for the taking. Fresh from writing a book with GBBO’s Pru Leith, chef and food blogger Georgina Fuggle shows you how…

We’ve all been there. You’re trying to eat more healthily, but it’s gone 7pm, you’re tired and ready to chill – and who wants to chop veg when there are kids to spend time with or your favourite boxset to watch? You look in the fridge; scratch your head. What to eat? Where to start? You can start right here.

The Big Sunday Cook Up is a step-by-step guide to preparing five night’s worth of tasty, wholesome meals in one go. The Cook Up will save you time and money, reduce the stress of having to plan and prepare a different meal each weeknight, boost your chances of eating a balanced diet and free up your evenings.

All you need is some spare time at the weekend – and maybe a great cooking playlist – and it’s time to get started.


Shopping is a key to your Big Sunday Cook Up –  you’ll need all your ingredients at the start of your session, so buy your groceries in advance. We’ve made it hassle-free by providing a handy shopping list.

Plan ahead grocery shopping plays a big part in leading a healthier, more sustainable, lifestyle. Buying only the ingredients you’ll need is a great way to avoid food waste and keep costs down. And sticking to your list makes it less likely you’ll be tempted by unhealthy options.

Our Big Sunday Cook Up menu is designed to feed a family of four. But if you’re cooking for fewer people, but some meals can be scaled down or frozen in portions for another day.

And if you’re following a mostly plant-based diet, we’ll show you how to tweak your menu accordingly.


Begin by laying your ingredients out on your counter or tabletop. We’ve assumed you already have some basic storecupboard ingredients, so check out our shopping list to find out what you’ll need from the storecupboard.  Now lay out your kitchen equipment and get ready to cook!


Our step-by-step guide walks you through the whole Big Sunday Cook Up session. Unlike a normal recipe, you’ll be cooking more than one meal at once. But don’t be daunted! All the methods are super easy – there’s nothing a home cook can’t easily handle. The whole process should take around two hours. But if it takes a little longer, hey, who’s counting?

Stick on some great music, or a podcast. Maybe even get the family to help.


Now’s the time to reap the rewards of your Big Sunday Cook Up. At the end of your cooking session, you will have created the foundations for five delicious meals. Each meal serves four.

  1. Lamb koftas with flatbreads and houmous
  2. Roasted aubergine & chickpea traybake, with mackerel
  3. Tomato-baked sausages with thyme, winter mash and peas
  4. Tomato & chilli tagliatelle with rocket
  5. Family shepherd’s pie with steamed veg


Vegetarian, Vegan or Flexitarian? Make this easy swaps:


In place of lamb, sausages and mackerel, buy 400g Quorn mince, 400g halloumi / vegan halloumi, 2 red peppers, 8 vegetarian sausages and 200g feta / vegan feta.


  • On Sunday, leave the kofta step out entirely. On Monday, thread chunks of halloumi and pepper onto skewers and griddle to serve with flatbreads and houmous.
  • For the mackerel salad, simply omit the fish and crumble over the vegetarian feta instead.
  • For the baked sausages in tomato sauce, simply use the vegetarian sausages instead.
  • And for the shepherd’s pie, substitute Quorn mince – the cook time will remain the same, but you may need to add a splash of water during the browning stage,
    to prevent sticking.


Next up, check out the shopping list you’ll need for the week’s dishes, followed by our step by step guide, and finally – have a look at the 5 meals you’ll be serving throughout the week!

Did you know? We got Olympic rowing champion and Vitality Performance Champ Alex Gregory and his family to try out the Big Sunday Cook Up! Watch our video to see how they got on.

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