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How To Avoid Summer Burnout

Vitality coach and positive psychology practitioner Melissa Britton explains how to spot the early warning signs of “burnout” and offers tips for tackling the stress-related syndrome. The term “burnout” made headlines in 2019 after the World Health Organization officially recognised it as a “syndrome conceptualised as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been…

6 Ways Vitality Can Provide Mental Health Support

From talking therapy to mental health forums, here are the smart ways that Vitality can support your happiness and wellbeing. Struggling to switch off before bed? Regularly feeling anxious and overwhelmed? Just not feeling ‘yourself’? One in four people in the UK experiences a mental health issue each year, yet only one-third of people seek…

How To Spot The Signs Of Stress

From changes in our exercise patterns to issues with our gut, here’s how stress can manifest itself from top to toe and the stress signs you need to look out for. The feeling of stress is all too familiar for those of us juggling busy lifestyles. But how do we spot when our stress levels…