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5 Easy Festive Season Workout Ideas

Running and cycling blogger Lorna North shares her clever tips for staying active during the mince pie madness. Between meeting final deadlines at work, squeezing in present shopping and all those social commitments, it’s no surprise that our fitness regime gets neglected over Christmas. As a result we put on an average of ½kg in…

Family-Friendly Fitness Classes You Need To Try

Exercising as a family helps you all stay happy, healthy and active. Here are some great family fitness ideas to get you moving – together. Exercise is important for your family. It boasts a whole host of benefits such as better general health, a stronger body and higher levels of self-esteem. Plus, regular family activities…

Partner Power: The Benefits Of Group Workouts

Research reveals that exercising with a friend or loved one gets better results, motivating you to work twice as hard. Scientists at the University of New England also found that group workouts can lower stress by 26% and improve our overall wellbeing. Here, we chat to three Vitality members to find out how working out…