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Social Distancing: Some Positive Tips For Adjusting Your Lifestyle

With the World Health Organisation (WHO) having announced Coronavirus (COVID-19) as a pandemic on 11th March 2020, we’ve collated some positive tips to help you adjust your lifestyle to “social distancing”, so you can be best equipped to deal with the evolving situation…

1. Nutrition: Choose tinned and frozen fruit, vegetables and legumes.

More and more shoppers have turned to tinned and frozen foods, which at times like these are very beneficial.

Our blog – Tinned, Frozen or Fresh: Which Is Best? – helps you to understand how they are nutritionally great for us, better on the pocket, and how they can help us to deliver a better carbon footprint, too.

2. Recipes: De-stress from the inside out.

Did you know that certain nutrients can help our bodies to cope better with stress? Build these recipe ideas into your routine:

3. Fitness: Keep calm and carry on exercising.

If you’ve been asked to “socially distance” yourself from other people by working from home, try to maintain some regular exercise into your day to stay fit and healthy.

6 Ways To Work Out From Home gives you options on home workout apps and videos you can use. Or take inspiration from Vitality Ambassador Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill, as she shares her best bodyweight exercises.

4. Mental health: Eat, drink, sleep, meditate, repeat.

Enforced social distancing is difficult for anyone to adjust to, given that we are all naturally social beings. Taking some small steps to regularly exercise our mental health too, can help to keep it in check during this tricky period.

The following actions could give your mental health a boost, starting today:

5. Family: Get the kids involved too.

Now’s a great time to teach them those healthy habits, as they potentially adjust to life without school and their friends for a bit.

Here’s some simple ideas that you can do with your children, to ensure they stay physically, and mentally, fit and healthy:

We’re here to help our members. Simply log in to Member Zone to access our Vitality GP Advice Line.


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