Similarly to the “Green Goddess”, the “Kale Kick” also contains those clever sulphur compounds that will help your liver’s detoxification. If you’re worried about your smoothie tasting (and looking) like pond water, adding some fruit will give the drink some sweetness without any added refined sugar –great if your new year’s resolution was to cut down on sugary snacks.


  • 40g kale
  • 40g spinach
  • 40g mango
  • 40g apple
  • 200ml apple juice or coconut water


  1. Blitz the kale, spinach, mango and apple in a blender or smoothie maker. These can be fresh or frozen.
  2. Once blended, add 200ml of apple juice.

Tip: Use coconut water in place of apple juice if you want to reduce the natural sugar content of your smoothie and increase electrolytes, which are great for rehydrating after a workout.

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