As one of the world’s best rugby union players, Jonny Wilkinson is used to pushing himself to the limit. Read his advice on why you should celebrate every achievement and live more in the moment

Since retiring from rugby, Jonny is setting himself new challenges to stay active. Having learnt so many gems of wisdom along the way, he shares his #MySummerGoal and tips for thinking more positively about setbacks along the way.

Watch the video here or read Jonny’s story below.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given to achieve your goals?

A piece of advice I always remember is to realise that problems on the outside often come from limitations on the inside. It’s often easier to try to change the world and others than it is to transform yourself.

How do you stay motivated when the going gets tough?

I look for the opportunity. I know that no matter how hard it seems there’s an opportunity in everything. There are moments when all of us hit a wall. Whether you’re playing a game or working in the gym, try breaking it down. If you’ve only got 20 minutes to go, just think of it as one second at a time. Time will pass faster if you’re living in the moment more and you’ll realise that not only can you do it, you’re already doing it!

How do you deal with setbacks?

There have been many times I haven’t succeeded, but I’ve actually found that those are the most opportune times to grow. They can often open a door to a brand new space. It’s how we learn.

What’s your #MySummerGoal?

I want to generally be more healthy, and keep fit for everyday living as opposed to just keeping fit for sport. Mine is more of an inward journey and it’s about respecting my body in a different way now. I want to focus on what it needs as a whole, beyond just being able to function on the rugby pitch. The amazing thing about this journey is that it rewards itself immediately. I’m not thinking: “When I get here, I will feel like this.” It’s more: “I feel this now.”

How do you reward yourself when you achieve something?

I celebrate and try to embrace that feeling – it’s what makes challenging ourselves worthwhile.

How do you keep the momentum going when it comes to accomplishing goals?

I keep looking for how to improve, and I always make sure my passions are at the centre of everything I’m doing.

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