Published: 10 April 2020

As part of our #StayHealthyAtHome wellness series, our Vitality Ambassadors are sharing their top health and wellness-related tips.

If you fancy a bit of movement today, why not try this abs blaster workout from Olympic gold medallist and Vitality Ambassador Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill? This quick 10 x 10 circuit taken from her Jennis app will have you feeling the burn!

Complete 10 reps of the following exercises – and if you really want to push yourself, repeat the circuit as many times as you can!

1. Reverse crunch
2. Crunches
3. Elbow to knee (left)
4. Elbow to knee (right)
5. Flutters
6. Cross over scissors
7. Plank openers (right)
8. Plank toe lifts
9. Plank openers (left)
10. Side to sides

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