This month, top chef and food writer Myles Williamson is giving us his brilliant BBQ recipes and tips. Check out his recipe for these finger-lickin’ baby back ribs.

If using charcoal:

1. Bank the hot coals to one side on the bottom grate of your barbecue and place a water-filled drip tray – a small baking tray or loaf tin work well – next to them.
2. Place another water-filled tray on the upper grill, directly above the hot coal. Next place your chosen joint opposite, above the bottom water tray, away from the direct heat.
3. Secure the lid, making sure the top vent is placed half-opened, above the meat. Now use the bottom air vent to control the temperature; open it to draw in oxygen and turn things up, close it to reduce the heat and leave it half open to maintain a consistent temperature.
4. Top up the barbecue with more hot coals, lit in a chimney starter, if cooking for more than a few hours, readjusting the temperature as needed. Add a few chunks of hardwood (i.e. oak, hickory, apple etc) or soaked wood chips directly to the coals, to add flavourful smoke throughout cooking.

If using gas:

1. Preheat the closed barbecue with the burners set to high until it reaches your desired temperature (use the thermometer on the lid).
2. Turn off half the burners, carefully remove the grill grate and add a shallow, water-filled tray on the unlit section. Return the grill grate, place your choose joint over the drip tray and cover the barbecue, maintaining the temperature in the recipe by adjusting the burners as needed.
3. To add smoke, wrap a handful of soaked woodchips (use hardwood, i.e. oak, hickory, apple etc) in a double-layer foil parcel, leave it slightly open on top, before placing directly over the lit burner as you slow cook.

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