How to make your New Year’s resolution stick

    It’s that time of year where we all look to get fitter, leaner, healthier and drink less alcohol – again. Stacey Levine, Psychologist and Innate Health Practitioner, believes that this year can be different – and she’s got some tips on how to make your resolution stick.

    The whole idea of making a resolution is because we feel like it’s time for a change – in our jobs, at home, or in ourselves. But often we make mistakes before even starting, by potentially making them unrealistic and impossible to keep. Therefore:

    Make resolutions when you feel ready

    My first tip for making a successful resolution that sticks actually starts with your state of mind. Wait until you’re feeling more positive before even thinking about changes you want to make in the New Year. This should help prevent any unrealistic expectations you may have, creating a healthy realism in your efforts to make positive and achievable plans for the coming year.

    Keep it real

    The next area where we tend to make another big mistake – with emphasis on big – is in the resolution itself. Making big-sounding, generic vows, such as getting a pay rise of “x” amount or losing “x” amount of weight, are actually very hard to achieve. It therefore doesn’t come as a surprise when you generally slip up as soon as you’ve started – especially with those selection boxes of chocolate hanging around after the festive period! Instead, we should look to make small promises that are easier to keep, such as eating more healthily or trying to do a bit more exercise. Not only are these more positively charged, but they are also something you can realistically achieve and, as a result, stay motivated with.

    Don’t sweat the small stuff

    Finally, if your “plans” don’t go according to plan and you slip up, it doesn’t mean that you are a failure.

    My tip if you find yourself slipping is to not be too hard on yourself. It’s only one day, and in the grand scheme of things, that doesn’t make your attempt a failure. If anything now is the time to focus on the end goal and keep going.

    Last but not least:

    True change comes from within and not from external circumstances. So it’s really helpful to remember that it only takes a change of mind to make a change in life. You are never stuck with one way of doing something, because you can always change your mind.

    So have fun, make changes and enjoy the new year!