From an early age I had symptoms such as blurred vision, pins and needles and tremors in my hands. And when I visited the doctor and consultants, they put it down to being from not drinking enough water, the tremors just being benign, and they weren’t able to join up the dots of what I actually had.

I own a mortgage business and Vitality was one of the providers we had on offer to help protect our customers. I was in a position where I needed some life cover myself. So I chose Vitality because they had some great benefits that other policies didn’t have.

Once I joined VitalityLife Insurance the easy win for me was to get the Vitality Healthcheck. I had my blood sugar levels checked and the lady looked horrified. I had been living with undiagnosed type 2 diabetes for about ten years and all the minor symptoms I had along the way suddenly all fell into place and were explained. It was hard to accept and a real shock.

With the help of Vitality, I was able to get the diagnosis of my condition so that I could get the right treatment and medication to support me. Without the Vitality Healthcheck I don’t think anyone would have found the diabetes for a very long time. Vitality has helped me change my lifestyle for the better and has helped me control my diabetes.

The good thing about Vitality is whether you’re a sporty person or whether you’re not, it’s the little things that you change in your life that are going to help you live a better lifestyle overall.

It’s amazing how a simple health check makes such a difference.

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