Helpful Habits To Change Your Life – with Jacqueline Hurst

    Jacqueline Hurst sitting down

    Many of us have been thrown for a loop by the events of 2020. We have all had more time than ever to reflect on what is really important to us, and that has led many of us to reconsider aspects of our lives which we want to change.

    To help you create long-term, healthy habits that will enable you to create a life you love and protect what matters to you the most, check out qualified hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and master certified life coach Jacqueline Hurst’s four helpful habits you can start right now to help you make positive changes in your life.

    1. Build a strong mindset 

    Changing your life starts with your thinking. How you think impacts how you feel, which in turn determines which actions you take. It all starts in your mind. Strengthening your mind to build resilience and determination is more important than you know. 

    So how do you get your mind strong? You do it by becoming conscious of what you’re thinking. Becoming aware of every thought you have, and only choosing the thoughts that feel strong and resilient, will help you to take the right action. Write these thoughts down and reflect on them each day to keep them strong in your mind

    2. Start giving back to make a change

    Help others. There is no better feeling in the world than helping someone else. Once a day, make a change by trying helping someone by doing just one thing. This could be a call to offer a listening ear, or helping someone with their shopping across the road. Whatever you choose to do to help, you’ll be amazed at how good you feel. Aim for one thing a day – because giving back feels good.

    3. Change your mindset to cultivate gratitude

    It’s literally impossible to be miserable and grateful at the same time, and gratitude is such an important part of a happy life. Change your mindset and find five things in your life you’re really grateful for today and write them down – if you do this every day for a week, you’ll start to notice how good you are at feeling good more of the time.

    4. Do one thing you love for every day

    Make time to take part in an activity you love for just ten minutes each day. Whether it’s chatting to a friend, having ten minutes of ‘me time’, or watching a YouTube comedy channel you like – for every day for ten minutes, make sure to do something joyful. We aren’t always meant to be taking life so seriously all the time – if you can add in ten minutes of joy to your day each day, it will be really beneficial. 

    To help you make the changes you desire, VitalityLife invites you to make a #LifePledge, and change one thing, big or small, that will take you one step closer to the life you want. Find out more here.