New mum Tracey Neville with her baby

Are you a new mum looking for ways to get back into exercise? We look at how having a baby affects women’s fitness and ways to get back into working out with the help of our Baby to Baller series.

In a recent study conducted by Vitality, it was discovered that Covid-19 increased the difficulties new mums had when trying to stay fit and healthy with a new baby. Out of 1000 mothers questioned, the study found that during lockdown they had felt cut off from support networks and were unable to prioritise finding time to workout. Many new mums said they would like to exercise more and that doing so would help them to feel more confident and happier in themselves. 

However, new mums were unsure of how to find the time to workout with a new baby, which shows just how hard it can be to get back into exercise after bringing a little one into the world. Staying active as a new mother is important for keeping healthy and happy, two factors which are key to feeling your best when looking after a new baby. 

So how can you get back into working out as a new parent? We’ve partnered with former England Netball captain and new mum, Tracey Neville, to help new mums get back into exercise safely. The six week series has practical, easy-to-follow and fun workout routines that you can do from the comfort of your own home with or without your baby. 

Every week Tracey Neville will be sharing simple workouts for postpartum bodies that aim to make getting active easier and help to increase your fitness levels, confidence and mental wellbeing. For six weeks we’ll be sharing Tracey’s Netball-inspired workouts over on our Instagram channel to give you a weekly workout that will get those feel-good endorphins pumping through your body. The exercises focus on a range of movements that get every part of the body moving – you’ll need a ball (it can be any type) to get started but you don’t have to have played any kind of sport prior to this. 

Tracey says that “As a new mum, I understand and identify with those feelings of loneliness, exhaustion and overwhelm that can make it so hard to find the motivation to get moving again after a baby – even more so during the pandemic.” Even though this series focuses on helping new mums get back into fitness, it’s also about connecting with like-minded new mums who are looking for some support during their journey back to fitness. 

“I hope that by sharing my own journey back to being active through this new Vitality Series, new mums everywhere will feel reassured that they can feel strong and confident again – both mentally and physically while also rediscovering a love of netball!” Feeling physically healthy is one of the key advantages to getting back into fitness after having your little one, but more importantly is the positive mental benefits that it has. With the study showing that 80% of new mums think they will feel better about themselves from working out, it goes to show how much physical health impacts our mental state. 

Want to get involved with the Baby to Baller campaign and start working out alongside Tracey Neville? Head over to the Vitality UK Instagram channel to start the six week workout challenge. 

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