Four Ways To Stick To Your Goals – with Jacqueline Hurst

    Jacqueline Hurst standing by a wall

    After the turbulent year we have all experienced in 2020, many of us have been prompted to make big changes in our lives as we have re-evaluated what is most important to us. But it can be difficult to stick to these new life goals, no matter how determined we are to achieve them.

    To help you create long-term, healthy habits that will enable you to create a life you love and protect what matters to you the most, check out qualified hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and master certified life coach Jacqueline Hurst’s four helpful habits that you can start today to help you refocus after everything we’ve been through in 2020, and reprioritise what’s important to you, helping you to stick to your goals.

    1. Make sure your brain is strong and resilient

    When you feed your brain strong, positive thoughts, your actions will be strong. Your brain is the most powerful muscle you have, so you have to start to use it wisely. 

    How do we make our brains strong? By feeding it the right thoughts – if you think you can, you will. Your thought process is so important – a lot of the time we walk around unconscious and unaware of what we’re thinking. When we are unaware of our thoughts, it is hard to change that. So become aware of what you’re thinking, and try to reframe it. Think to yourself, is what I’m thinking making me feel strong and resilient, or the opposite? Once we’re aware of our thinking, then we can change it. Make sure to only ever feed your brain strong and resilient thoughts.

    2. Slow down and think about the consequences

    Every action has a consequence, and a lot of the time us humans can be impulsive, so slowing down and being clear in our minds about how we might feel after whatever the action we’re about to take is really helps to keep a strong mind. For example, if you want to stop drinking and you’re with a group of friends who keep pushing you to drink, ask yourself, ‘if I drink now, how will I feel about this tomorrow?’ Asking yourself this question will help to slow everything down and bring you into the present moment, reminding you that you don’t want to mess up your progress. It will also help you future-proof any life pledges you want to make.

    3. Keep busy 

     A lot of the time we can get into problems because we have too much thinking time on our hands. If you find yourself getting frustrated or anxious, find something to busy yourself with. Find something to do that takes your mind off of anything negative, and put your mind onto something positive. This can be as simple as watching a comedy, going out for a walk in nature, or just calling a friend. Ensuring you have a good support system in place is really important, as it can help you to talk openly about how you feel. Getting things off of your chest is a really great way to relieve anything negative and protect your future, as you’ll be focusing on the positives.

    4. Your health is your wealth

    Every day that goes by in which you keep to your life goals, you’re another day healthier and another day stronger. Get a calendar and stick it to your fridge, and for every day that goes by that you’re keeping to your goals, mark an ‘X’. It’s so satisfying watching those ‘X’s add up, and seeing that visually will also boost your confidence, proving how strong and brilliant you are. 

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