Five Ways To Use Your Pumpkin After Halloween

    Mother and son carving pumpkin making Jack-o-Lantern

    With Halloween just around the corner, you’ll be seeing pumpkins left, right and centre, whether they’re in shop windows, outside houses or even used in restaurants and bars as decorations. 

    These versatile, orange fruits can be used in a surprising number of ways and for a huge range of different purposes. But what happens to all the left over pumpkins once they’ve served their Halloween festivity duties? Surprisingly, the pumpkin can be used in various different ways, which just goes to show that pumpkins are for life, not just for Halloween. 

    Make a pumpkin pie

    We’ll start with a classic way to use your pumpkins after they’ve done their Halloween duty. A pumpkin pie is a brilliant, warming sweet winter meal, and it’s not too tricky to make. We love this Waitrose recipe for them, which involves making your own pastry and steaming your pumpkin. This delicious spooky dessert is a fantastic ending to any seasonal dinners.

    Indulge in some pumpkin skin care

    Rubbing a pumpkin all over your face might not be your first impulse around Halloween, but surprisingly the squash plants can be used in a number of ways as a skincare product. Check out these tips for how you can exfoliate, moisturise and take care of your skin with the big orange fruits. The perfect way to create a natural ingredient skincare routine, which is also kind on the environment.

    Get some spooky décor with pumpkin table settings

    Due to their carve-able nature and their variation in sizes, pumpkins can be used in a huge variety of ways as excellent table settings and decorations. If you’re having people round for dinner, you can use pumpkins as candle holders, hanging decorations off of trees, vases for flowers, or simply as a centrepiece to your spooky dinner. Check out these ideas for how to use them as dinner décor. 

    Keep your drinks ice cold with a pumpkin drinks cooler 

    With winter drawing in, it might not seem like the season where you’re most in need of keeping your drinks chilled. But if you’re having people over (adhering to current Government guidelines) for a cosy, toasty winter dinner, what better way to keep your drinks icy than by using a pumpkin as a cooler? All you have to do is cut the top off of your fruit of choice, then either put a bowl inside of it or line it with foil, fill it with ice and then put your drinks in. 

    Serve up some pumpkin cupcakes 

    For a delicious, sweet snack, why not make some pumpkin and ginger cupcakes? We love this simple recipe that is a great way to get the kids involved in cooking, after they’ve finished getting through their trick or treat hauls! Pumpkin is an incredible fruit which can be used in both sweet and savoury cooking, so you can get really imaginative with what you make. 

    For more spooky food and drink inspiration, why not try making our 5 Halloween-inspired mocktail recipes? You can drink these throughout the whole of winter, you just remove the creepy decorations!

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