When you feel bloated, sluggish and a little bit over indulged after eating too much food and drink, I often recommend to my clients that they give detoxing a go. Now, these aren’t those unrealistic “latest celebrity” detoxes that are everywhere, but some simple smoothies that can be a substitute for either a meal or a snack. They’re all high in fibre, low in calories and, as they contain two portions of your five-a-day fruit and vegetables, are packed full of micronutrients that help get us back on track and feeling ourselves again.

No. 1 – Green Goddess (or God!) Detox Smoothie


There’s a big buzz around green smoothies at the moment, and it’s for all the right reasons. This one contains a healthy blend of broccoli, mango, pineapple, banana, spinach and celery. Click here for the Green Goddess (or God!) detox smoothie recipe and instructions.

No. 2 – Kale Kick Detox Smoothie


Similarly to the “Green Goddess”, the “Kale Kick” also contains those clever sulphur compounds – kale, spinach, mango and apple – that will help your liver’s detoxification. Click here for the Kale Kick detox smoothie recipe and instructions.

No. 3 – Heart Beet Detox Smoothie


Beetroot contains a nutrient called nitric oxide, which is very good for our blood. Mix it with carrot, apple and blueberries to make this healthy breakfast or snack. Click here for the Heart Beet detox smoothie recipe and instructions.

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