Love Great British Bake Off? Want to channel your inner Prue in the kitchen? The cooking legend shares her healthy tips for creating deliciously colourful dishes for lunch, dinner and dessert.

“The way we eat, and what we eat, has changed hugely in my lifetime,” says Prue Leith, restauranteur and co-host of the Great British Bake Off. “Nowadays, it’s less haute cuisine […] and more colourful, balanced, individual plates.” With her new book, My All-Time Favourite Recipes, she brings together a mix of modern dishes and healthy home comforts. We ask her to share her top healthy tips and three of her favourite recipes.

What’s your opinion on the latest food fads?

“I champion fresh, minimally processed food. I’m the boring old granny who says there are no bad foods, though eating anything in excess isn’t particularly good for you. Unless you have a serious health issue, a balanced diet will help keep you well without any need for expensive supplements, purges or miracle diets.”

How do you use up your leftovers?

“I love leftovers. Most good cooks do. It allows one to be creative, save money and make something delicious, all at the same time. My husband’s favourite supper is a plate of leftovers, creatively arranged on a plate. We call it ‘Clockwork Plate’ because you start at the top and eat your way around.

“Place half an avocado in the middle with balsamic vinegar; then add canapé-sized bites such as smoked salmon and cream cheese on a cracker, Gem lettuce leaf filled with salami, a couple of radishes, olives, leftover cheese – whatever you have in the fridge.”

What are your top kitchen tips?

  • Rinse avocado chunks or slices under cold water to stop them browning – better than oil or lemon juice.
  • If pre-cooking green veg cool them under cold water to keep the colour, then microwave or stir-fry to reheat.
  • Colour and flavour pasta by boiling it with a handful of kale leaves or slices of beetroot.

Ready to cook? Try Prue’s favourite go-to recipes…


1. Duck salad with pomegranate, juniper and ginger

This colourful duck salad with bursts of pomegranate will make an indulgent lunch.


2. Aubergine and squash lasagne with almonds

This recipe has everything going for it. Vegan, gluten-free, healthy, delicious, looks good, freezes well, reheats perfectly, and the almonds give a great crisp texture!


3. Plum Clafoutis

This is a really simple, fruity pud. You can also make it with cherries, greengages, peaches or apricots.

Recipes extracted from My All-Time Favourite Recipes by Prue Leith (£25, Bluebird)