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In the Relax section of our blog, you can find ideas for recharging your body and mind. We’ve got ideas for breaks away from home, from partners like Champneys or Mr & Mrs Smith. Plus tips for staying relaxed when you’re at home too. From walking and gardening, to meditation and acts of kindness. Why not try something new today?

7 alternative ways to socialise as lockdown lifts

Published: 23 April 2021. Written by: Kat Poole.  Can’t wait to make plans as the world opens up again, but not sure where to start? From the creative and the curious to some seriously cool culture, here’s our pick of ways to reconnect and socialise with friends and family – not a beer garden in…

7 Of The Best Stretches To Help You Drift Off To Sleep

Published on: 19 March 2021. Written by: Georgie Lane-Godfrey. Feel like lockdown is affecting your sleep? You’re not alone. Sleep Recovery author and psychotherapist Lisa Sanfilippo reveals the best stretches to try before bed. While we all knew lockdown was going to rob us of our freedom, one thing we didn’t expect it to steal…

5 Of The Best Meditation Ideas For Kids

Want to help your children feel calmer, less stressed and more in touch with their emotions? Health writer and psychotherapist Jennifer Cawley asks the mindfulness experts how you can practice meditation at home. Meditation isn’t just for grown-ups, it can help children, too. In fact, there are at least 4,000 teachers trained to teach mindfulness meditation…