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In the Nutrition section of our blog, you can learn about how the right ingredients can help your health. Know what food and drink to include for a healthy body and mind.

How To Give 5 Classic Meat Dishes A Vegan Make-Over

Published: 3 February 2021. Written by: Selene Nelson Going vegan doesn’t mean giving up the food you love – it just means swapping some ingredients. We asked Selene Nelson, author of Yes Ve-gan!, to work her magic on some of the most popular meat-based dishes. If you’re thinking about going vegan – or you’re just…

Eat Your Way To Better Mental Health

Published on: 26 January 2021. Written by: Nicola Down What you eat not only helps to keep your body happy, but can also support your emotional wellbeing and mental health. Here, we investigate which foods are proven to boost your mood. We may think a bar of Green & Black’s or a bowl of hot,…

A Vegan Answers Your Questions About Veganism

Published: 18 December 2020. Written by: Selene Nelson Ahead of Veganuary, we asked Selene Nelson, author of Yes Ve-gan!, to answer the 9 most common questions she faces about her plant-based lifestyle. When I went vegan in August 2017, I did it almost grudgingly. After learning the truth about animal agriculture, I couldn’t continue to…