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How nutritional are TikTok’s top recipes?

Published: 15 August 2022. Written by: Ellie Hughes. They are the most popular recipes on TikTok, with more than 2 billion views between them. But what does nutritionist and Vitality expert James Vickers make of these 5 sensational social media recipes?  1. Feta pasta TikTok’s most popular recipe, boasting 1.1 billion views and counting, according…

5 ways to ace back-to-work healthy eating

Published: 17 February 2022. Written by: Christina Quaine. Are you back in the office again? Our experts explain how to stay on track with your work healthy eating (when the workplace is full of foodie temptations) If you’ve been WFH for a while, your eating habits may well have been healthier than in your office…