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In the Money section of our blog, you can read about investments ideas to help you achieve your life goals. They’ll help you to gain short-term rewards and longer-term financial security.

How To Fund A Freelance Lifestyle

Considering a freelance career? Financial journalist Laura Whateley tells you what you need to know.   How and where we work has been transformed in 2020. Working from home is now the new normal and, with the end of the government’s furlough scheme in sight, many of us are facing the fact that our future as…

How To Turn Your Unused and Unwanted Items Into Cash

Unwanted gadgets cluttering up your kitchen? Old furniture in your living room? Jewellery and clothes you never wear? Here’s how to turn unused and unwanted items around the home into a tidy sum.  Now we’re spending more time at home, many of us have realised just how much ‘stuff’ we have lying about. In fact,…

Is It Time For A Money Audit?

Do you find it all too easy to lose track of exactly where your hard-earned salary is going? It might be time for a money audit. Laura Whateley, personal finance journalist, formerly The Times consumer champion and author of Money: A User’s Guide, spoke to experts to find out how to conduct a financial MOT…