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The Gynae Geek’s No Nonsense Guide To Smear Tests

Does a smear test hurt? What happens if I have abnormal cells? We ask gynaecologist Dr Anita Mitra for her expert (and honest) advice on the routine smear test The NHS reports that one in three women don’t attend their cervical screening because of ‘embarrassment’, yet it’s the single best way to reduce your risk…

7 Ways To Improve Your Mornings

The choices we make first thing have a big impact on our day ahead. Here are seven easy ways to improve your mornings and help you make healthier decisions throughout the day. And none of them include getting up at 5am! How many times have you rushed to work this week, or snoozed your alarm?…

The Best New Health Podcasts You Need In Your Life

From nutrition truths to powerful mental health stories – fitness journalist Howard Calvert shares five life-enriching podcast that you should be listening to. 23% of us listened to a podcast in the past month and, on average, we spend more than 3.6 hours per week listening to shows, according to research by Acast. Podcasts are…