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Power Napping: Is It Worth It?

It’s natural to feel a bit tired in the afternoon, but can a power nap really help restore your energy levels? Health journalist Rosalind Ryan investigates. If you’re fighting off the 3pm energy slump today, you’re not alone. But there’s one solution hailed as the best way to restore your energy – taking a power…

7 Ways To Avoid Falling Off The Dry January Wagon

Have you started on the Dry January challenge this month? Cara Barrett from Alcohol Concern has all the advice you need for staying on track “Dry January isn’t about never drinking again or punishing yourself,” says Alcohol Concern’s Cara Barrett. “It’s just a chance for you to reflect on your drinking patterns and to give your…

How To Look After Your Liver This Holiday Season

Feeling festive but also frazzled? We ask nutritional expert Geeta Sidhu-Robb for the best science-backed ways to recover from all those social events and boost your energy. The Christmas office parties and festivities are in full swing, but what steps can you take to look after your body? Nutritionist Geeta Sidhu-Robb shares her advice for…