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How to conquer post-lockdown separation anxiety

Published: 11 May 2021. Written by: Jo Usmar.  Feeling fearful about getting to spend less time with your pet or partner as restrictions ease and we gradually return to ‘normal’? You’re not alone. Here’s how to conquer this post-lockdown anxiety. While you may have spent the first six months of lockdown cursing the moment you…

How You Can Provide Support To Someone During Menopause

Published: 10 May 2021. Produced in partnership with Peppy, with tips and advice from Kathy Abernethy, Director of Menopause Services at Peppy. Not long ago, menopause was a topic of conversation many people wouldn’t dream of bringing up with friends, let alone at work.  But times are changing. Women are living longer, working longer and…

Mental Health Awareness Week: Online Events Calendar

Monday 10th May Mental Health Awareness (Live) Time: 10.30am What: Understand how to protect positive mental health and how to identify poor mental health in others. Register for the event Mindful Mondays – Live meditation Time: 12.30pm What: Nature – This year’s theme is nature, so let’s explore how it can help our mental health?…