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7 ways to make your job happier

Published: 22 September 2021. Written by Marina Gask. Finding it hard to summon up any enthusiasm for your job? Take some tips from careers that bring the greatest satisfaction and give your work-life wellbeing a boost. ‘Job satisfaction is all about feeling fulfilled and needed in your work,’ says Paula Gardner, business and careers psychologist…

9 ways to make your commute work for you

Published: 09September 2021. Written by: Joanna Sommerville.  You might be dreading going back into the office, but your journey to and from work can provide a welcome moment of peace, an opportunity to get fit, or even a space to train your brain. Here’s how to shift your mindset, making your commute something to look…

Are you suffering from climate anxiety?

Published: 08 September 2021. Written by: Tom Ward. Worried about global warming? We break down how you can do your bit by making smart choices in every area of your life: from gym wear to wine and candles to clingfilm. As your newsfeed fills with stories about forest fires, melting ice caps, deforestation, tornadoes, floods…

The five types of motivation to understand

Published: 20 August 2021. Written by: Sophy Grimshaw.  A psychologist explains the real reasons that we are stirred into action – or not… Have you found your motivation levels are all over the place at the moment, especially when it comes to tasks that you previously found easy?  Many of us have been affected by…