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What Are The Real Benefits Of Playing Sport?

Did you know that playing sport keeps your brain sharp and your self-esteem high? Health writer Amy Bonifas explores the latest science behind why sport is so good for us – and which sports have the biggest health benefits. The past few weeks have been a dream for sport fanatics – from the hype around…

Netball Focus: The Vitality Roses Are Rising

Having struck gold at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, performed superbly in January’s Vitality Netball International Quad Series and won two BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards, the Vitality Roses were also in fine form at the Vitality Netball World Cup in Liverpool. We talk to some of the players, who reveal how they and…

The Ultimate Fat-Burning Swim Workout

Want to burn mega calories and tone up your whole body?  Paralympian swimmer Ellie Simmonds shares must-try swimming exercises to recharge your routine. Unlike running and cycling, swimming targets every muscle group, giving you a full body workout. If weight loss is your goal, you can burn a whopping 500 calories for just one hour…