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In the Fitness section of our blog, you can find the latest exercise and workout inspiration. You can also find out how keeping active helps you mind, as well as your body.   Build parkrun into your routine. Have a go at a HIIT workout from our fitness partners or Vitality Ambassadors. Start a new sport. Get active, so you can achieve 12,500 steps, every day.

How To Motivate Yourself Like An Elite Athlete

Written by Lizzie Simmonds Motivation. We all need it, but some seem to have it in shedloads, whilst others are found wanting. We all know people who are consumed by that fierce passion to succeed, remaining determined as life ebbs and flows. Others end up off course, disillusioned and demotivated after only the slightest setback.…

What’s The Real Age Of Your Health?

Did you know that your health age can be different to your actual age? Even though we might have an actual age, depending on how healthy we are, our health age can be entirely different. For example, you might be 30 with a health age of 27 if you’re very healthy but if your health…

How To Sync Your Training To Your Monthly Cycle

Every month women are affected by their menstrual cycles, it can cause a change in emotions, be very painful and instigates lethargy. Which means trying to workout can be difficult. We look at some ways you can sync your exercise routine to your monthly cycle.  Why is it that some days exercise can seem super…