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In the Fitness section of our blog, you can find the latest exercise and workout inspiration. You can also find out how keeping active helps you mind, as well as your body.   Build parkrun into your routine. Have a go at a HIIT workout from our fitness partners or Vitality Ambassadors. Start a new sport. Get active, so you can achieve 12,500 steps, every day.

Let’s Dive In: How To Get Your Family Into Swimming

Published: 22 April 2021. Written by: Lizzie Simmonds. Hi everyone! My name is Lizzie Simmonds—I’m an ex-Olympic swimmer and now a Vitality Performance Champion. Like many of you, I’m really excited that the pools are now reopen, and  I can’t wait to dive back in after so long out of the water. Over the course…

Cool Down Session for the Gym with Nuffield Health

Published: 9 April 2021. In collaboration with Nuffield Health. After returning to the gym and completing your workout, it’s important to take time to cool down at the end of your session. It always seems easy to miss stretching at the end of a session, with it’s the perfect way to lower your heart rate…