Beginner and Intermediate Gym Dumbbell Workout with Nuffield Health

    personal trainer doing a dumbbell workout shoulder press
    Published: 9 April 2021. In collaboration with Nuffield Health.

    Anyone else feel like they’ve forgotten how to use weights at the gym? Yes, us too… To help us all return to the gyms safely and gradually build that strength back up we have a simple weights workout, and all you need are some dumbbells. This is a workout designed for both beginners and intermediate, which can be adjusted to suit your fitness level. For those who haven’t had access to weights at home during the lockdown, it’s worth taking it easy on the weight you opt for. By choosing a lower weight, you can aim to gradually increase the amount over time, which will help to build strength and avoid injury.

    We’ve teamed up with Nuffield Health and asked one of their Personal Trainers, Zahra, to take us through some of the most effective dumbell movements. Guaranteed to get your heart rate and leave those muscles feeling sore for days.

    This dumbbell workout is suitable for both beginner and intermediate levels. You can adjust the weights for intensity and fitness level. Zahra has gone for 5kg weights for this workout.

    There are 5 exercises in this dumbbell round, and you should perform 8-12 reps with 3x sets:

    • Bicep curl into shoulder press
    • Alternating lunges
    • Bent over row
    • Deadlift row with tricep kickbacks
    • Squat press

    After working out with weights it’s important to take some time to stretch to prevent pains and strains. We have a cool down session that will do just that!

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