Jessica Ennis-Hill doing a Jennis workout

With the Government’s advice for us to #StayAtHome right now, we’re all looking for new ways to #StayHealthyAtHome. Enter Jennis, Dame Jessica-Ennis Hill’s home workouts app that’ll help get your #Jendorphins going (and earn those all-important Vitality points)…

Published: 15 April 2020

What is Jennis?

Jennis is the brainchild of gold medal winning heptathlete, Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill. In the run up to the 2015 world championships, Jessica wasn’t sure she could get back to peak performance, and was forced to adapt her elite regime, cramming intense training sessions in to less time so that she could be with her new baby.

Beating an incredibly strong field at Beijing, Jessica’s approach worked, and it’s the insights from this experience that have inspired the workouts and circuits you can now enjoy in the Jennis app.

The Jennis app boasts three different programmes:

1. Jennis Fitness

For people who want workouts that fit into 30 minutes or less. These are all circuits inspired by Jessica’s career and are designed to help you get fitter, stronger and more confident.

2. Jennis Pregnancy

The same strength and resistance programme that Jess followed throughout her two pregnancies that enabled her to come back so strongly post birth.

3. Jennis Postnatal

The same postnatal plan that Jess followed to help her get gradually back to fitness. Designed in three stages, this programme helps you build up the right muscles, in the right order, and at the right pace.


Is the Jennis Fitness Programme just for elite-level fit people?

No, not at all.

Jessica has designed a super-efficient fitness programme that helps you get stronger, more confident and more toned through pyramid HIIT-style app workouts that are all 29 minutes or less. There are three fitness levels for every workout (beginner, intermediate, advanced).

Every session is coached by Jess, there’s minimal equipment required and there are 5, 20, 26 and 29-minute in-app sessions, so they’re perfect for people with busy lives who want great fitness results at home.

If you want to get progressively fitter, Jess will also help you set goals, get fit and get more confident thanks to her ’30-day kick-start plan’ and her ‘8-week follow-on fitness plan’.


Is the Jennis app available on iPhone and Android phones?

The simple answer is, yes (so no excuses!).

We’ve even made it easier for you to download the Jennis app by giving you the links right here 👇:


How much is the Jennis app?

If you’re a Vitality member, you’re in luck!

We’re offering all Vitality adult members a 12-month subscription to fitness, pregnancy and post-natal programmes on the Jennis app, on us. Simply log in to Member Zone to sign up by 30 June 2020.

If you’re not a Vitality member, you can still get involved by choosing a Jennis subscription that suits you. Simply check out the Jennis pricing here.


Can I be part of a Jennis community?

You bet!

Jess has set up two channels across Facebook and Instagram, plus a YouTube channel, specifically for sharing feel-good food, chat, stories, inspiration and more with her communities:

Jennis Fitness

Jennis Pregnancy


Simply use the hashtag #AskJess if you have any questions.


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