8 healthy holiday hacks you need to try

    Healthy holiday

    All the hard work you’ve done to get ready for your summer holiday doesn’t have to be undone – we’ve asked the experts for their healthy hack ideas

    Wellness blogger Madeleine Shaw, celebrity personal trainer Faisal Abdalla and nutritionist Sarah O’Neill share their quick and easy healthy tips to help you get the most out of your next holiday.

    Madeleine Shaw, wellness blogger and health coach

    Madeleine Shaw1. Hydrate and prep your flight snacks

    “Drink plenty of water before the flight, and I’d suggest drinking a glass an hour once you’re in the air. I also take my own healthy snacks on the plane so I don’t end up reaching for quick-fix airport snacks, which tend to be high in salt and calories.”

    2. Find a local supermarket

    “Look for somewhere you can stock up on fresh ingredients and nibbles. I buy plenty of fruit, nuts and seeds and keep them in my hotel room or apartment so I have a healthy stockpile when I’m feeling peckish.”

    3. Be kind to yourself

    “Rather than comparing your body to others while you’re on holiday, just focus on you. Make sure your inner voice is being kind rather than critical. It’s so easy to compare yourself to others – especially with the world of social media at your fingertips – but try to relax and focus on your happiness. Your holiday is your time to enjoy being away from it all.”


    Faisal Abdalla, celebrity personal trainer and founder of PMA fitness

    Faisal Abdalla

    4. Be smart with breakfast

    “Holidays are all about relaxing, so don’t stress over enjoying the odd ice cream. If you make one healthy choice while you’re away, let it be breakfast. Hotel buffets can be tempting, so I always eat a low-carb and low-sugar meal at breakfast, otherwise I crave bad food later in the day. Stick to protein and healthy fats like an omelette with avocado.”

    5. Take your workout with you

    “Make working out as hassle-free as possible and get gymspiration from an online workout. Try a HIIT video that’s equipment free and requires very little space. I love doing a quick workout in my hotel room or, even better, on the beach at sunrise!”

    6. Make exercise part of the fun

    “Exercise might sound like a chore, but you can burn calories while enjoying your time away. Instead of jumping in a taxi, I try and explore my location on foot or by bike. Jump waves, practise handstands on the beach, try out the water sports on offer – whatever it is, just do something active and you’ll help yourself stay in shape without even thinking about it.”


    Sarah O’Neill, nutritionist and personal trainer

    Sarah O'Neill7. Try the 50% rule

    “Self-catering is the way to go if you want to be more in control of your meals or cook from scratch while away. If you’re all-inclusive, using a small plate might help you to exercise better portion control – make sure 50% of your plate is vegetables, salad or fruit.”

    8. Eat like a local

    “I always choose local produce where possible, including vegetables, salads and fresh fish such as sardines and tuna, which are rich in omega-3 to help keep my skin hydrated. That way I get to try the freshest, local dishes, dose up on vitamins and minerals and balance out more indulgent options like fried foods and pizza!”

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