7 Ultimate Lower Body Workout Moves

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    If you want to challenge the biggest muscles in your body, try this ultimate lower body workout, focusing on the legs and glutes. It’s easy enough to try out on the gym floor and the exercises are tipped by our Virgin Active personal trainers as the most effective moves to try, in order to get results.

    Perform each move for 45 seconds, with 15 seconds rest – this will give you a brilliant lower body 7-minute workout. Repeat the workout if you’re feeling energised or combine with our other routines that work your core and upper body to create a full-body session.

    1. Alternate lunge

    Take a deep lunge, keeping your knee at a 90-degree angle to the floor and alternate on both legs. Keep your front knee in line with your toes and your weight in your heels as you push back.


    2. Tuck jump

    Bring your knees up as high as you can as you jump into the air. This is an explosive move that will get your heart pumping.


    3. Jump squat

    Take the squat position and jump up. Land with a soft bend in the knee, lowering your body back into the initial squat.


    4. Frog squat

    Take a squat and tip your weight and arms between your legs, with your elbows in line with your knees.


    5. Squat and side kick

    Add a side kick to your squat and challenge your glutes even more. Keep your knees hip-width apart and your arms in front for balance.


    6. Hip bridges

    Lie flat with your feet hip-width apart, then lift your hips to create a straight line from knees to shoulders. Pause at the top before lowering.


    7. Box steps

    This is like a moving squat so adopt your squat position with your spine straight and slowly step backwards and forwards, keeping your body low.


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