6 Ways To Work Out At Home

Jessica Ennis Hill

Feel more like hibernating than going to a spinning class? These home workouts make it much easier to squeeze in the exercise.

Published: 16 January 2019. Updated: 7 April 2020.

It’s the beginning of the year – the prime time to turn over a new leaf and kick-start a new exercise regime. But it’s also cold and dark outside, making staying at home much more appealing than heading out to the gym. This is where the amazing new variety of home workouts come in.

“It’s a misconception that you won’t work as hard at home as you do in the gym – but if you’re mentally prepared to get a good workout, then you will,” says Steve Tansey, Head of Research and Development at fitness brand Les Mills UK. “As long as you have no distractions, enough floor space and determination to put in your best, the workout and instructor will push you the rest of the way.”

Here are six of the best home workouts to get you started…

1. Jennis

What is it? Training plans developed and presented by Dame Jessica Ennis Hill.

Workout type: Follow Jess’s expert guidance in a range of workouts to suit different stages of your life  – from super circuits to pregnancy and post natal.

Cost: From £9.99 a month.

How to get started: Check out jennisfitness.com.



What is it? A fitness app that live streams workouts to your phone, tablet or TV. If you join the Premier programme you get a wearable Fiit tracker that allows you to track heart rate, calories and reps – so you can’t cheat.

Workout type: Cardio, strength training and balancing workouts like yoga.

Cost: From £10 a month, but there’s a 14-day free trial.

How to get started: Check out FIIT.tv.


3. 4-minute HIIT home workouts

What is it? Vitality’s own HIIT workouts – led by trainer Hannah Davies from our partner, Virgin Active. They last just 4 minutes but you’ll feel it.

Workout type: HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and it combines short bursts of fast exercise with short bursts of recovery.

Cost: Free.

How to get started: Check out our YouTube channel.


4. Aaptiv

What is it? An audio workout app – perfect if you hate trying to look at a screen while you work out.

Workout type: More than 2,500 classes available – alongside guided workouts for outside runs, home exercise bikes and treadmills.

Cost: Free for 7 days.

How to get started: Check out aaptiv.com.


5. Les Mills On Demand

What is it? All the classes from Les Mills-affiliated gyms – available to do as home workouts. As it’s an on-demand service (rather than a live stream), you can also work out in your own time.

Workout type: Everything from cardio, HIIT training and even The Trip – Les Mills’s virtual reality spinning classes. There are also classes you can do with your kids.

Cost: £11.95 a month, but there’s a 14-day free trial for new customers.

How to get started: Check out Les Mills On-Demand.



What is it? An app focusing solely on boxing workouts

Workout type: Choose from 15-30 minute boxing home workouts focusing on upper body, lower body or go all out with its full-body session.

Cost: Free for a limited selection of workouts, then £9.99 a month (with a 7 day free trial) for the full workout catalogue and more features.

How to get started: Check out BOXX.


Keen to try these workouts at home? If you’re a Vitality health insurance, life insurance or investments member, remember to link your activity tracker to earn Vitality points for getting your heart rate up!