With our increasingly busy lives, it’s often hard to make time for getting active – so here are five #EverydayAthlete workouts you can fit into your morning routine

From wake-up bed squats to yoga posing while teeth-brushing, these multitasking moves get your brain and body in gear before your day kicks off.

1. Rise and squat

When it’s time to rise and shine, try sit squats when you get out of bed. Repeat the motion for an easy way to strengthen your glute and leg muscles – PJs optional.


Credit: intothegloss.com

2. Time for tea and burpees

Try burpees while the kettle boils. This HIIT move means you’ll work intensely for a short burst of time to get your heart racing before your morning brew.


Credit: Ruben Nazario via youtube.com

3. The breakfast boost

Work your core, legs and glutes with lateral raises while prepping your breakfast. It might even motivate you to prep healthy meals more often.


Credit: Laura Williams via sheknows.com

4. Brush up on your yoga

Try the yoga tree pose while brushing your teeth. It’s a leg, glute and core strengthener that’s great for your balance.


Credit: Norm Golden via yogawithbonnie.com

5. Sink push-ups

The bathroom is the perfect place for an arm workout. Work both biceps and triceps with a combination of push-ups and dips after you’ve washed your face.


Credit: femfusionfitness.com

Do you have any magic morning workouts? Share them with us in the comment box below.