Bump-to-baby.com blogger Alex Gladwin shares her go-to tricks for squeezing in exercise with her little boy…

“With two young boys – Ethan, aged three, and Logan, who’s just turned one, our house is incredible busy. Both my husband and I work from home, so I don’t make it to the gym very often. Instead, I like to fit in exercise whenever I can. Here are a few of my favourite mini-workouts with my youngest. Give them a go!”

Always check with your GP before you make any changes to your exercise routine.

1. Baby bicep curls

“A good one to do in the mirror. Hold your baby gently but firmly under their arms and lift them up and down a few times – I do three to five reps. This never fails to make my little one laugh and it gives my biceps a good workout, too!”


2. Peek-a-boo crunches

“Logan sits in my legs while I do sit-ups. Again, three to five reps is good. When I come up I say, ‘Peek-a-boo!’ and surprise him to make him laugh. We sometimes sing ‘Row, row, row your boat’ holding hands and rocking back and forth before I go down to do my sit-up. It’s great for the abdominal muscles.”


3. Lift ‘n’ laugh

“This is a favourite of mine as it enables you to get really close to your baby (though I wouldn’t recommend it ust after they’ve eaten!). Lay on the floor, lift your baby up high and then back down to you for three to five reps. Not only does it work the pectoral muscles, it’s guaranteed to make your baby giggle.”


4. Jogging jumperoo

“Lots of little ones have bouncers or something similar and they love it when their parents get in on the fun. I like to either jog on the spot or do star jumps in front of Logan while he’s bouncing for five to 10 minutes at a time. He thinks it’s hilarious. It has lots of benefits for me too – cardio helps to keep muscles strong and active and it improves overall fitness. This is especially good for me as I have a bad back so it helps to get me moving after long periods of sitting and writing my blog.”


About Alex: “I’m a blogger and a vlogger and I write the UK parenting and lifestyle blog bump-to-baby.com. I started Bump to Baby just after I married my childhood sweetheart and we found out we were expecting our first baby. I really wanted to capture that amazing time in our lives. Three years on and I’m still writing and capturing our lives through photography and video.”

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