HIIT Time: 20-Minute Workout Challenge To Try At Home

20-minute workout challenge

No time? No problem! These super-quick HIIT workouts from Virgin Active trainer Hannah Davies, tone muscle in less than 20 minutes a day.

“The beauty of short, sharp workouts is that they activate all the main muscle groups and energise the body, leaving you feeling invigorated and ready to face the day,” says Hannah Davies, a master trainer at Virgin Active.

“These four-minute workouts (with a warm up and cool down) are build-able, so you can do two, three or even all four sessions when you have more time,” says Hannah. You can create your own workout by choosing from the workout videos below.

Start with a warm up

Each of these sessions is designed to work the body slightly differently, with one to tone the upper body, one to shape and firm the core and one to sculpt the bum and thighs, plus a full-body workout.

Aim to do each four-minute session at least once a week, and don’t forget to warm up and cool down.

2-minute Power HIIT Warm Up

Always make sure to warm up your muscles with this two-minute routine. Tempted to skip it? Research shows that stretching your muscles can increase your performance and make your workout feel easier!

Choose your workout(s)

Workout 1: 4-minute HIIT Upper Body

Sculpt your arms, shoulders and back with these easy exercises.

Workout 2: 4-minute HIIT Lower Body

Work your legs and glutes with these power moves for your lower body.

Workout 3: 4-minute HIIT Abs & Core

These are the ultimate exercises to blast your abs and middle area.

Workout 4: 4-minute HIIT Full Body

Short on time? Try this full body Tabata-style workout to see results, fast.

Finish with a cool down

3-minute HIIT Cool Down & Stretch

Cooling down is crucial to help your body recover and it allows you a few minutes of calm after an intense workout.


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