12 surprisingly healthy date ideas

    Fancy trying something new? Try one of these fun and healthy ideas for your next date

    Spending time together needn’t always mean a takeaway and a bottle of wine. According to research published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, couples who try new things together have higher-quality relationships and couples who get healthy together are three times more likely to succeed than those who try solo.

    Try one of these 12 alternative ideas for spending time together…

    1. Book a rock climbing class

    Rock-climbing is great for pairs, as it’s all about trust and sharing the challenge of reaching the top – as well as building strength and burning calories together. Find a climbing wall near you on the British Mountaineering Council website.

    2. Try a roller disco night

    If you’re looking for a different kind of #datenight, a roller disco event is for you. Swap the cocktails for skates and feel-good music while you burn calories. Visit Bump Club or check your local leisure centre for disco events.

    3. Go to an evening yoga class

    With so many different styles including calming flow, Bikram (hot yoga) and even special candlelit classes, there’s something for everyone. Yoga can help you to de-stress and can lower blood pressure. Book into a class at your gym or visit The British Wheel of Yoga or Yoga Hub to find one near you.

    4. Try a pedalo in the park

    Whether it’s punting down the river or renting a paddle boat in your local park, getting out on the water means working together, being closer to nature – and you can burn as many calories per hour as a Snickers bar.

    5. Take a dance class

    Whether you choose lively swing, romantic ballroom or rhythmic salsa, learning a new style of dance together is not only a great workout, it can also help you become more synchronised – both physically and mentally.

    6. Schedule a spa day

    Besides the obvious relaxation benefits, a spa day means taking time out to work out, swim or have a couples’ treatment together, which can help you reconnect with each other. Spas such as Champneys have plenty of special offers for couples to take advantage of.

    7. Go for a treetop adventure

    If you want a physical challenge in the beautiful UK woodlands, try a high ropes activity day or even a tree-climbing club (guided tree climbing in National Trust grounds and country parks). You’ll be harnessing your teamwork and communication skills by supporting each other through the course. Visit Go Ape! or Jungle Parc to find you local course.

    8. Book an Escape Room adventure

    Escape Room is an interactive game where you solve challenges and puzzles together to escape a locked room – think real-life Crystal Maze. This is more of a mental workout, involving joint problem-solving and communication, and you’ll both leave with a sense of achievement.

    9. Get crafty together

    Trying an arty venture can be good for all couples ­– helping both artistic and analytical types enhance and stimulate their creativity. Whether it’s a life drawing lesson, graffiti workshop or painting class, it can help increase emotional intelligence and relieve stress.

    10. Get standing tickets

    Book standing tickets to that gig or show you’ve both always wanted to see. Standing up burns more calories than sitting down (and you’ll burn even more if you’re dancing together!).

    11. Visit a horse riding school

    Helping to improve your posture, strengthen your core and improve your co-ordination, horse riding is one of the most fun and rewarding ways to exercise together. If you’re new to riding, book a lesson for beginners or, if you’re more advanced, go out for a relaxing ride together.

    12. Try a healthy cookery class

    According to a recent US survey, couples who cook together, stay together. As well as learning healthy recipes you can make together, a cookery class is a great way to build your teamwork skills.