How to be OK with NOT planning ahead

Published: 2 July 2021. Written by: Gershon Portnoi. Whether it’s holidays, parties or weddings, we all love to plan ahead but the ever-changing pandemic rules are making that harder than ever. Here’s how to cope with the uncertainty and learn to stay in the moment. Remember that festival you’d dreamed of attending this summer? Or…


Why we need to rethink our approach to fitness goals

Published: 21 July 2021. Written by: Howard Calvert.  From working out mindfully to beating your own gym records, here are 11 expert-led ways to smash your next workout and keep your fitness goals aligned.  We all have different fitness goals. For some, it’s dropping a few pounds before that summer (OK, autumn) holiday, for others…

The 5 Benefits of Community Running

Published: 19 July 2021. Written by: Jonathan Kibble, Vitality PT and Head of Exercise & Physical Activity.  With the UK experiencing ‘Freedom Day’ as we pass through the final stages of lockdown restrictions lifting, it feels like an appropriate time to start your health and fitness journey surrounded by likeminded individuals. You’ve heard the saying…



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5 easy barbecue sides to add to your recipe repertoire

Published: 23 July 2021. Written by: Nadine Brown.  It doesn’t matter how many shrimps you toss on the barbie, your plate won’t be complete without these accompaniments  Larger gatherings and the hope of a late sunny summer bring to mind one thing – impromptu barbecues and lazy garden parties. Thing is, getting used to cooking…

The benefits of a hybrid commute

Published: 22 July 2021. Written by: Ben White. Drive & Ride: why you should consider a hybrid commute. Since the first lockdown, the popularity of cycling has skyrocketed. With benefits to both your health and your wallet, we look at how hybrid commuting – splitting your journey into driving and cycling – might be the…