Plum Clafoutis

“If you can make a Yorkshire pud, you can make this heavenly plum pud,” says Prue Leith. “If you can get hold of damsons, so much the better, but cherries, greengages, peaches and apricots are all delicious too.” Serves: 4–6 Ingredients:  For the pudding: 1 tsp vanilla extract 150ml milk 100ml double cream 4 medium…

Quick And Easy Family Snacks

When hunger calls, make these vibrant Disney-inspired bites a favourite for all the family. With these easy family snacks, eating and drinking healthily has never been so much fun. Whether you’re making Maui’s delicious rainbow toasts or Mickey’s fruity fusion waters, get creative with your whole family and reap the tasty benefits. Go on –…


What You Should Know About Blood Cancer

Every 14 minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with blood cancer yet many of us are unaware of this disease and its different varieties, its symptoms, how it’s diagnosed or if it is treatable. Here health writer Rosalind Ryan shares the facts about the disease. Most of us have heard of breast, prostrate, lung…

Fast Fixes For Work Health Glitches

Your work environment can trigger all sorts of health problems, from backaches and itchy eyes, to headaches and heartburn. Here, our experts offer solutions to help you navigate those bothersome work health glitches. 1. Heartburn and rumbling tummy during a meeting? The Glitch Eating slumped al-desko or munching on the go, coupled with stress, can…


7 Picturesque UK Parkruns To Try This Autumn

Whether you’ve never tried a parkrun before or you’re looking for a new route to explore, travel editor Angelica Malin chooses some of the most beautiful places to run as the season changes. With cooler temperatures and seasonal beauty, autumn is a great time to take part in parkrun – the free, 5km timed runs…

A Beginner’s Guide To Training For A Triathlon

Sports coach to the stars Greg Whyte believes that anyone can complete a triathlon. Here, he offers his expert advice for people looking to get started with the growing sport. Triathlon is a multi-sport endurance race consisting of swimming, cycling and running. Despite its elite reputation, it has become something of a trend in recent…


How To Reset Your Saving Habits

Struggling to save money when you know that you should? Understanding your deep-rooted money habits and taking simple steps to shift your mindset could turn you from splurger to savvy saver. Are you an emotional spender? Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes with their tags still on, a salary that seems to disappear…

8 Quick Ways You Can Stop Over-Spending

Whether you’re an impulse buyer or have a vice that’s draining your funds, there are ways to tackle mindless spending. Personal finance expert Emma Lunn gives her advice for saving. One in three people don’t save any money at all during the course of a year, according to statistics from 2018. That means not saving…


7 ways to garden yourself to better health

From air-purifying plants to money-saving grow-your-own, Shawna Coronado, gardening expert and author of The Wellness Garden, shares seven easy ways you can boost your health with gardening We already know that gardening is good for us but new research is proving that it can improve more than our mood. In Shawna’s book she discusses tools…

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