Cook Like Prue: 3 Of Her Favourite Healthy Recipes

Love Great British Bake Off? Want to channel your inner Prue in the kitchen? The cooking legend shares her healthy tips for creating deliciously colourful dishes for lunch, dinner and dessert. “The way we eat, and what we eat, has changed hugely in my lifetime,” says Prue Leith, restauranteur and co-host of the Great British…


What Is Menopause And What Does It Do To Your Body?

We find out why it’s essential to be more open about menopause and get answers to our biggest menopause questions from Vitality’s Medical Affairs Director and former GP, Dr Dawn Richards… The menopause is a natural part of the female life cycle. However, it’s only in very recent years that women have started discussing the…


5 Best Bodyweight Exercises From Jessica Ennis-Hill

When you’re short on time but want to make your exercise session count, bodyweight exercises are brilliant. But, which exercises get the biggest results? Olympic gold medallist, Jessica Ennis-Hill, reveals all… Strength training isn’t going anywhere, but the big difference is that we’re ditching the weights and getting fit and strong by using our own…

Work Out, Together: Warm Up and Cardio

Doing a partner workout in the great outdoors with your friends, family or partner is an ideal way to boost your fitness and wellbeing together. Make it happen with our easy gamified workout, designed to increase your energy and endorphin levels. With hectic schedules and screens dominating our downtime, it’s tough to carve out quality…


How Vitality Can Help You Save

Vitality Advertorial Did you know that Vitality members received an impressive £76m worth of benefits and rewards last year? (Vitality statistics, 2018.) That’s because we reward healthy behaviour – from getting your steps in and your heart rate up, to buying healthy food and meditating a few times a week. Want to know more about…

How To Reset Your Saving Habits

Struggling to save money when you know that you should? Understanding your deep-rooted money habits and taking simple steps to shift your mindset could turn you from splurger to savvy saver. Are you an emotional spender? Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes with their tags still on, a salary that seems to disappear…


7 Of The Most Exciting Places To Visit In Autumn

From swimming in New Zealand’s hot springs to dancing at Mexico’s favourite cultural festival ­– travel writer Amy Bonifas has discovered the best locations and experiences to add to your autumn 2019 holiday bucket list. For many travellers, summer marks the end of the holiday season. But if you can buck the trend, autumn is…

7 ways to garden yourself to better health

From air-purifying plants to money-saving grow-your-own, Shawna Coronado, gardening expert and author of The Wellness Garden, shares seven easy ways you can boost your health with gardening We already know that gardening is good for us but new research is proving that it can improve more than our mood. In Shawna’s book she discusses tools…

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