How To Please Fussy Eaters In 5 Easy Steps

Author and parenting blogger Emily Leary explains why a little variety is the key to developing healthier family eating habits – plus three easy and healthy recipes to try now. Struggling to sneak healthier foods onto their plates? Fussy eating is a normal phase of your child’s development and, according to the NHS, as long…

Easy Peanut Butter And Apple Pizzas

These apple pizzas are so simple – they’re apple slices topped with peanut butter. Think of it as more of an activity, perfect for getting children involved and encouraging them to experiment with new flavours and textures. Recipe extracted from Get Your Kids to Eat Anything: The 5-Phase Programme by Emily Leary (Octopus Books, £16.99). Prep…


The Gynae Geek’s No Nonsense Guide To Smear Tests

Does a smear test hurt? What happens if I have abnormal cells? We ask gynaecologist Dr Anita Mitra for her expert (and honest) advice on the routine smear test The NHS reports that one in three women don’t attend their cervical screening because of ‘embarrassment’, yet it’s the single best way to reduce your risk…


6 ways to work out at home

Feel more like hibernating than going to a spinning class? These home workouts make it much easier to squeeze in the exercise. It’s January – the prime time to turn over a new leaf and kick-start a new exercise regime. But it’s also cold and dark outside, making staying at home much more appealing than…


5 Ways To Improve Your Money Habits

Constantly chasing your tail when it comes to your finances? Financial journalist Laura Whateley shares small steps you can take to improve your money habits. Many of us don’t feel in control of our financial destiny. This might be because we rarely have time to pause and take stock of our finances. Unexpected costs can…

Supercharge Your Retirement Savings At Any Age

It’s never too early to plan for retirement savings, and with a few smart steps, you can set yourself up to achieve everything you want in life. Here are the money action points to supercharge them across the decades – in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s. Words: Rosalind Ryan The financial landscape is…


How To Have Better Relationships

From our self-esteem to our sense of contentment, our happiness is influenced significantly by our relationships with family, friends or partners. Psychotherapist Jennifer Cawley shares five simple ways we can all maintain successful relationships… The human brain is built for relationships. When we’re born, we’re prewired to create bonds with others to help us survive.…

Adventurous Weekend Breaks Worth Booking

It’s time to embrace the latest trend that’s all about making your weekend break work even harder by fitting in a memorable, adventurous experience. Here are some ideas from Mr & Mrs Smith Over half of us plan to take more weekend breaks in 2019, and with psychologists finding that quick breaks make us happier…


Partner Power: The Benefits Of Group Workouts

Research reveals that exercising with a friend or loved one gets better results, motivating you to work twice as hard. Scientists at the University of New England also found that group workouts can lower stress by 26% and improve our overall wellbeing. Here, we chat to three Vitality members to find out how working out…

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