Cheap Meals: 3 Dishes You Can Cook For Under £1

It’s easy to cook delicious, healthy food while keeping it budget friendly. Chef and author Miguel Barclay shares three economical meals to see you through the week. Author of three thrifty cookbooks, Miguel Barclay is championing a mini budget-cooking movement. With his genius kitchen tips and shortcuts, he’s proving to thousands (304,000 Instagram followers and…


5 Daily Ways To Beat The Winter Blues

Feeling the seasonal gloom? Health writer and psychotherapist Jennifer Cawley shares five science-backed ways you can give yourself an instant mood lift.        During the winter months, many of us may feel a dip in our mood – with one in three of us affected by seasonal affective disorder (SAD). However, there are a few surprisingly…

How To Spot The Signs Of Bowel Cancer

What are the key bowel cancer symptoms and does a screening test hurt? Find out what you need to know about one of the most common cancers in the UK. To mark the launch of Vitality’s bowel cancer home screening test (coming soon), health journalist Carole Beck asked Dr Dawn Richards, Medical Affairs Director at…


Busted: The Top 6 Exercise Excuses

Too tired to run? Too busy to hit the gym? We look at the top 6 exercise excuses everyone uses to avoid a workout and the expert tips on how to beat them When it’s cold and dark outside, it’s all too easy to convince ourselves that exercise is a bad idea. From a lack of…

5 Best Bodyweight Exercises From Jessica Ennis-Hill

When you’re short on time but want to make your exercise session count, bodyweight exercises are brilliant. But, which exercises get the biggest results? Olympic gold medallist, Jessica Ennis-Hill, reveals all… Strength training isn’t going anywhere, but the big difference is that we’re ditching the weights and getting fit and strong by using our own…


Building Your Pension Nest Egg

It can be tough thinking about funding your retirement when you’re still paying off a mortgage or saving for your children’s education. But, as our experts explain, it’s never too early to start planning for your pension. Do your eyes glaze over when someone says ‘pension’ You’re not alone. One in three 35-to 44-year-olds hasn’t…

7 Ways For Couples To Save Smart

We explore the ways that you can save as a couple, whatever stage your relationship is at. Research by leading relationships charity, Relate, has shown that money worries are top of the list of relationship strains experienced by couples in the UK today, with over a quarter of UK adults (26%) blaming financial pressures for…


5 Of The Best Meditation Ideas For Kids

Want to help your children feel calmer, less stressed and more in touch with their emotions? Health writer and psychotherapist Jennifer Cawley asks the mindfulness experts how you can practice meditation at home. Meditation isn’t just for grown-ups, it can help children, too. In fact, there are at least 4,000 teachers trained to teach mindfulness meditation…

The Importance Of Self-Care

Health journalist Helen Foster busts the self-care myths you might have fallen for – and explains how to build it into your life the easy way. Self-care is one of the biggest buzzwords of the year, but it’s also one of the most misunderstood. Self Care Week is run by the NHS and focuses on…

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