Jess Ennis-Hill

Find out the five key ingredients the Olympic gold medallist keeps to hand

If you were to look inside your fridge right now, what would you see? Whether it’s tonight’s batch-cook dinner, a stack of kid’s lunchboxes or plenty of gourmet treats, we are what we eat (apparently), so your fridge could reflect more about you than you think.

The same goes for former Olympian and mum-of-two Jess Ennis-Hill. “On the whole, I tend to start with good ingredients and create dishes using cookery books with a bit of creative flair,” says Jess. “My husband and I like to experiment, so our fridge reflects our varied diet.”

“I’m definitely a believer in moderation, though. I love treats and I like anything chocolatey. I consciously eat lots of fruit and veg and don’t overdo the dairy, but in our house, nothing is off limits.”

Here are Jess’ top five fridge foods…

1. Salmon

“Now I’m no longer pregnant, I’m able to have a lot more smoked salmon. There’s nothing nicer than taking the dog for a walk and coming home for brunch. I am a big fan of scrambled eggs and salmon.”

Did you know? Smoked salmon has more heart-loving potassium than the equivalent amount of banana.

2. Cheese

“I keep cream cheese for Reggie (Jess’ three-year-old son) as he loves it in sandwiches when we’re out and about. For me, cheese isn’t a staple, it’s a treat. I love a good cheese board and sometimes have cheddar on a jacket potato or a little grated Parmesan on pasta.

Did you know? Dairy products could boost your intelligence. A Brain Health study by US and Australian researchers found those who regularly consume dairy products including cheese, milk and yoghurt score better on mental ability tests than people who never eat dairy.

3. Stir fry vegetables

“I always have lots of vegetables in my fridge for stir-fries and also for Reggie – he loves his veg. I’d find it hard to choose a favourite, but broccoli is a regular in our house.”

Did you know? One portion of steamed broccoli contains your daily-recommended amount of vitamin K, which keeps your bones strong and healthy.

4. Coriander 

“I really enjoy Asian food – it’s light but really tasty. Thai and South Indian are my favourite and I regularly make a good Goan fish curry with fresh coriander and tamarind.”

Did you know? Coriander may have anti-bacterial and anti-allergic properties according to Harvard Medical School, while it can also help to lower cholesterol.

5. Olives

“As a rule, my husband and I like to cook from scratch, so we have a lot of jars and bottles including olives and fish sauce to create big flavours.”

Did you know? Olives are high in skin-loving vitamin E. Both olives and fish sauce are also packed with ‘umami’ flavour (a satisfying savoury taste found in meats, mushrooms and cheeses). It can help us to feel full and satisfied after a meal.


For Jess Ennis-Hill, it’s all about balance and keeping her fridge full of colourful, exciting ingredients. Feeling inspired to makeover your own shelves? Check out the ultimate 5 foods to make you feel happier.

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