You’re in your final weeks of your 10-week transformation. It’s time to really push yourself. Virgin Active personal trainer Emily Cole has put together this superset session to help you make the most of your workout and transform your body for good!

Week 9-10: Superset sessions

Increase the amount of exercise you do by adding in a fifth session, rather than doing four longer sessions – try to avoid spending more than an hour in the gym at a time because it needs to be something you can fit into your day and look forward to, rather than a chore.

Now you’ll be doing two superset sessions a week, two HIIT sessions (choose between the workout outlined in month one or short intervals on a treadmill, bike or in the pool) and one steady-state 40-minute session of walking, swimming or cycling. This is also the time to cut out refined sugar (cakes, biscuits, pastries) and booze – it’s only for two weeks but it makes all the difference. Don’t give up now – your goal is in sight!

Follow the supersets workout video to exercise along with Emily, or if you prefer to do it yourself, all the exercises and timings are included below.

Superset session: Do three rounds of these supersets, with a 30-second rest between each pair of exercises. Again, they’re broken down so that they work both upper and lower muscle groups, providing a complete workout for a strong, supple, fit body.

1. 10 walking lunges Do 10 lunges on each leg, using a dumbbell in each hand for extra weight if it feels too easy.

2. 10 press-ups Drop to your knees for the press-ups if you need to and remember to keep your back flat.

3. 12 kettlebell deadlifts Hinge from your hips and allow the weight to lower between your legs, then come back up to standing.

4. 12 TRX rows Using TRX straps, set your body in a straight line and pull your weight towards your hands.

5. 15 kettlebell swings Use a weight that feels challenging but comfortable to swing the kettlebell through your legs.

6. 12 curl to shoulder presses Curl the weight in a controlled motion, then extend and rotate your arms above your head.

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