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  2. N Farhead

    Looks tough, will be giving this a go, no doubt!

  3. Sarah Dewsnap

    let me know how you find it N FARHEAD!

    Good luck and #BangEmOut !

  4. J Ganly

    Looks like a challenge will be trying this one to relax my muscles and burn some major calories

    • Sarah Dewsnap

      Nice one ! Good luck !

  5. Telboy

    I’m bang on this! Whether I can actually do it or not is another story though ..ha!

  6. Marcin

    Very useful video! It’s good to see someone doing the exercises properly.

  7. C Jenkins

    The yoga looks great I need a calming class! Can’t wait to start

  8. Allan

    After just finishing boot camp with Sarah at 6.30am the classes are great fun, very challenging, it is a pleasure to see someone so dedicated to her training and PT well done Sarah keep it going

  9. Michelle

    Love the look of the yoga, looks easy enough for a novice to try!

  10. Amy Fuller

    Brilliant video will most definitely be trying this to help get my summer bod! I’m proud of you Sarah xx

  11. Chris Jones

    Good luck Sarah. Looks a challenge. Calming Yoga. Will give it a go.

  12. Bradley

    looks like an amazing challenge.

  13. Lisa

    ohh they look tough, might have to give these a go! They look like a challenge, bring on the pain

  14. nadine

    Wow such an amazing trainer! Will be trying this! X

  15. Sukhy

    Very interesting Work Out!! Will be trying out The Cobra! Well done Sarah.

  16. Layla

    Great work Sarah! Hahaa you know how much I like a challenge! Shall defo try this one out!

  17. Vikki brons

    The exercise routines are very interesting & would definitely give them a go!

  18. Toni

    Sarah loving the video, can’t wait to see some more !

  19. Roberto bentley

    I like yoga a lot…So this is awesome!
    Great video…very useful techniques!

  20. Rekha

    Food workouts. … will sure try them. Thank you

    • Rekha

      Good workout. .. … not food. Great trainer too.

  21. royston

    Superb routine.. if anyone knows how to achieve its Sarah! Loved it and will definitely be giving it a go. You are just an inspiration to fitness and to hard work with commitment and intelligence. Thank you and good luck. #BangEmOut

  22. Cassandra Manios

    These are great exercises that don’t require any equipment. Will definately give these a go.

  23. Karen Stubbs

    what a great article from
    Sarah Dewsnapp . Intelligent & informative – let’s have more of the same . Perhaps with a focus on specific body parts each edition

  24. Layla

    Thank you for the video Sarah! Will definitely try these out, you know I love a challenge! Haa!

  25. LAUREN

    Love the yoga, will definitely be giving this a go. First, I need a beach …