Doesn’t time fly by! Two weeks have past already of me being the ‘Face of Vitality’ for the Vitality Oxford Half Marathon 2015 and if I thought last week was hectic this week has been even more so.

With the race now only 2 weeks away on Sunday 11th October it’s not long before I will be pounding the streets of Oxford with thousands of others on what is sure to be a fantastic event.

So this week’s vital statistics as follows:

  • • 3 Training Runs + 1 Half Marathon totalling = 32.91 miles
  • Came home in 413th place out of 4676 runners at the Ealing Half Marathon, London
  • Ran my 2nd best time this year in 1 Hour 32 Minutes 51 Seconds

It was another busy work week and with a bit of a cold brewing, but I think I’ve managed to blow it away with the race yesterday. Touch wood!

And so this week I thought I’d discuss how I use ‘Mind Control’ to keep my training going.

Many people have asked whilst I have been going along on this crazy running journey:
‘Scott, how do you keep going?’
‘How do you keep focused on what you need to do to complete the many goals you have in running and life?’

Well a lot of how I keep going is down to how I have taught myself to control my mind. My mental wellbeing if you like, I will try to explain…

So I wasn’t always bounding along through long distance races at sub 7 minute miles with a smile on my face. Of course not, no one does unless they are an anomaly in the world. Most people have gone through many pains, aches and light injuries to develop their bodies to be able to keep going.

They’ve toughened up, they’ve pushed their body to new limits but they have also developed their minds. Sometimes unknowingly to control their feelings and to make running seem easier.

They say that running doesn’t get easier; it’s you that gets tougher!

That is so true for your physical body but even truer for the state of your mind. I have taught myself a technique through running that makes the pain drift away.

Imagine your brain has a million light switches connected to it, and every single one can be turned on and off. Then imagine that every light is a feeling in your body and mind.

When I run and I feel tired and think of stopping I don’t; I analyse in my mind how I feel and switch off the light bulb and turn on a light switch that tells me I am capable of anything and then I push on. And if that light bulb starts to get negative thoughts I switch it off, and look for another bright light to concentrate on, one that has got the strength to keep going.

This technique took me from not being able to run down the street to 5K distance, then to 10K, then to a half marathon, then to a marathon and even to now being able to run Ultra distances.

You see it’s mainly in the mind that we quit, the body is capable of truly incredible feats.
The question that baffles me these days is ‘how far can the human body go?’ I might just try and find out.

Most people don’t run far enough to find out. When you go through the barriers that your mind puts on yourself there are new places, new feelings that are truly incredible, unfortunately not enough people are willing to take the chance to themselves there.

I challenge you to be different, I challenge you to take on your mind and push your limits.
Our brains are capable of controlling all the feelings in our body, if we work hard to control our mind I promise you will see benefits across your life, not just in running.

So if you are thinking: ‘will I be able to complete the Vitality Oxford Half Marathon on October 11th?’

The only thing you need to tell yourself is YES! Of course you can!

You are capable of incredible things, take control of your mind and the body will follow.

2 weeks to go everyone, it’s getting exciting. I look forward to seeing you all on the start line at the Vitality Oxford Half Marathon 2015!

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