This month, Virgin Active’s Personal Trainer Charley Crivari is helping you reach your fitness goals.

What better time than now to stop thinking about hitting the gym and actually doing it? By following these plans you will start to notice changes quickly, helping to set the foundation for fitness that is going to last. Here, Virgin Active’s Charley Crivari will be your guide – helping you make the most of your workouts. So, say goodbye to the hour long cross trainer sessions and say hello to a fitter, stronger you.

So, where should you start?

If you’re going to the gym, the optimum length of your session would be an hour. This way you have time to properly warm up, do your routine without rushing, and then cool down –your warm up and cool down are vital, so don’t forget to do them! Firstly you should have a good 5-10 minute warm up. A great way to get limbered up before circuit training is to use suspension equipment, such as TRX, where you can get your upper and lower body, and core prepared for your session.

Now you’re ready and raring to go, it’s time for some circuits

Doing your weight and circuit training first and your cardio after helps burn that little bit more fat and energy at the end. It just gives you that blast towards the end of your training. If you do your cardio first you may get tired, and therefore it’s better to leave it until the end. Circuit training gets your heart rate up so you’re going to get a cardiovascular workout anyway.

Upper body circuit

When repeated three times, the following routine should take 15-20 minutes. It’s a fast, efficient way to get lean and lose weight, whilst at the same time boosting your fitness. Speak to a friendly Personal Trainer at a Virgin Active gym if you need guidance on your technique.

Using a weighted kettle bell that you feel comfortable with:

Upper Body Circuit

  • Kettle bell upright row x20
  • Kettle bell bent over row (use two kettle bells, splitting the weight in half of the kettle bell you used for the upright row) x15
  • Kettle bell triceps overhead extensions x15
  • These should be followed by 30-60 seconds’ break between each set

Lower body circuit

Again, the following routine should be repeated three times, with it taking between 15-20 minutes.

For the following routine, use a heavy kettle bell – the heavier the better – but don’t over exert yourself:

Lower Body Circuit

  • Kettle bell swings x40
  • Kettle bell alternate lunges (like kettle bell bent over row, split the weight in half of the kettle bell you used for the swings) x20
  • Single leg deadlifts (using the same weight of kettle bell as the alternate lunges) x10 for each leg

Check back for part 2 when Charley will tell you how boot camp style exercises can improve your physique, how to boost your core exercises, what the deal is with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and how cooling down can help your fitness.

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