The latest food trends (and if they’re actually good for you)

Every year brings new food trends, and with kale and quinoa here to stay, it’s time to look at the new up-and-comers from this year’s crop. We thought we’d take a look at the trends of bone broth, spiralized vegetables and nut butter to see what the nutritional values are and whether they’re a must try or just a fad.

Bone broth

Popularised by: Hemsley + Hemsley

Like the trends from last year, there still seems to be a locally sourced, DIY-theme to the latest food fashions – and bone broth is no exception. Popularised by the food bloggers Hemsley + Hemsley, the posh stock is getting a lot of attention from foodies and nutritionists alike, and for all the right reasons. Unlike other forms of stock, such as Oxo cubes, homemade broth contains all of the meaty-goodness without the additives, such as salt. So, how does one make bone broth? Simply take the bones of the meat you’ve cooked (a chicken left over from a roast, for example, is a good starting point for a broth), place them in a pan with water, add a couple of handfuls of onions, leeks, carrots or celery ends with seasoning and a few dried bay leaves, and simmer for around 6 hours. After straining the contents of the pan, the broth can be drunk there and then, or refrigerated for later in the week for use as a stock. The Hemsley sisters claim it has elixir-like powers, but either way, it gives a dish an extra punch you don’t get from stock cubes.

Spiralized vegetables

Popularised by: Ali Maffucci

Courgetti (courgette spaghetti), sweet potato rice and parsnip noodles are all easily fashioned with the help of a spiralizer – imagine a vegetable peeler with a difference. But is the food actually any better for you? Well, no, they’re still vegetables. But, vegetables are packed with nutrients and vitamins that are essential in a healthy diet, and thanks to the spiralizer, you will probably end up eating more vegetables than you already do, and less pasta if you use them as a replacement (or you’ll be able to cleverly disguise vegetables to trick the kids into eating them).

Nut butter

Popularised by: Deliciously Ella

If bone broth and spiralized vegetables sound like a bit too much effort for you, then this last one may be a bit more to your liking. Nuts can be a great source of protein in your diet, and swapping out the peanut variety for an alternative such as almond is a way to get extra health benefits without the additional fats. You can buy almond butter in shops, but the best way to enjoy it is to make a homemade batch – time to get out the food processor from your kitchen cupboard. We’ve already highlighted the health benefits of nuts such as walnuts and almonds, so combining them to create your own nut butter is a great way to create a healthy breakfast or snack. Also, by making your own jar, you can make sure no additives such as salt make their way in.

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