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Just 25 minutes of meditation a day can alleviate stress according to a study from Carnegie Mellon University, but finding the best app for reflection and relaxation can be tricky. With hundreds of different options available for your smartphone, here’s our pick. Whether you are trying to practice mindfulness or are simply looking for help sleeping, there is an app to help you out.

The app for beginners

Describing itself as a gym membership for your brain, Headspace is designed with beginners in mind. Its free 10-day trial gives you all the basics that you need to get started on the act of mindfulness, with options to subscribe to hundreds of hours of content on various subjects once you’ve completed these steps. Founded and voiced by former monk Andy Puddicombe, the app has many famous fans, including Emma Watson, and with its easy-to-use functions and a fun design, you can see why it’s a hit, helping over a million users worldwide.


The app if you have no time

Buddhify 2 has over 11 hours of meditation that encompass 15 different situations, ranging from travelling and working online to not being able to sleep. The app also contains tips to help you meditate to your full potential, and a mindfulness tracker so you can log and follow your progress on your path to a clearer mind. How thoughtful.


The app you can personalise

Stop, Breathe, & Think – three things that can be forgotten when the pressures of life are getting you down. But a clever app from the wellness specialist tools for PEACE can tailor-make a meditation regime for you.  The program takes into account your mental and physical wellbeing, as well as your emotions, to help come up with the perfect routine.

The app that whisks you miles away

Picture the scene: you’re on a beach. A light breeze is blowing through the palm trees overhead and the sea is softly breaking against your toes. You are completely relaxed. In sessions ranging from two minutes to half an hour, Calm helps to transport you to your desired far-flung locations using immersive visual and audio. With a 7-step program that helps you learn how to meditate, you will be left completely unwound.

The app that helps you get to sleep

In 27 minutes you could be fast asleep, with insomnia a thing of the past thanks to Glenn Harrold and his Relax & Sleep Well app. Combining a mixture of meditation and hypnosis techniques, the recordings help to alleviate any stress and anxiety that are preventing sleep, allowing you to reach a deep state of mental and physical relaxation. Listen to the sample below, but maybe wait until you’re not at work.

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