Jess Ennis-Hill knows the importance of setting goals to achieve amazing things. Here she shares her route to success and the stellar advice she’s followed along the way

Even record-breaker and Olympic medallist Jess Ennis-Hill has setbacks. She tells us how to deal with motivation slumps and shares the #MySummerGoal she’s aiming to achieve while pregnant…

Watch the video here or read Jess’ story below.


How important was goal setting when winning your Olympic medals?

I achieved my Olympic goals over a number of years, so I’d have a very strict training programme and routine for each week and month, making sure I was ticking off targets along the way.

What is your #MySummerGoal?

To be as active as I can throughout my pregnancy. I want to keep doing some form of exercise for as long as possible, so I’m setting myself little goals each week.

What’s your advice for goal setting?

You need to make sure you’ve set yourself a good, realistic goal that you can build upon in the future. Then all you have to do is commit to it! Whatever you’ve got to do to get there, try to follow your plan and stick to it.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given and who was it from?

It was from my coach Toni Minichiello, who said: “Focus on yourself and don’t get side-tracked watching what others are doing.”

When I was 13 or 14 and just starting to compete in athletics, they used to call me The Spider because I’d be looking around at the other lanes, seeing who was catching me up. Eventually you learn that you’ve just got to focus on your own performance.

How do you stay motivated when the going gets tough?

I tell myself the only person I’d be cheating if I miss a session is myself. Tough challenges only get tougher if you miss out some of the steps on the route to achieving them.

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

My parents – they were so motivating and supportive when I was setting out as an athlete. I think they did a great job getting the balance right without being pushy. They’re a huge inspiration to me.

How do you reward yourself when you achieve something?

When I won a major Championship I would often go shopping for some new clothes and a Mulberry handbag!

How do you keep the momentum going to feel like you’re always achieving and goal setting?

I don’t look at it as constantly achieving – I’m a driven person and want to do well in whatever I do, but that might simply be making an amazing meal or organising a fun day out with for my son. I enjoy being a mother as well as developing projects to work on in the future. Every day is different.

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