I’m to be the ‘Face of Vitality’ at the Oxford Half Marathon 2015. When I heard the news on Friday I was delighted… I’m honoured to represent a brand of health. What a journey it’s been to get to this point. So here it starts! This was my profile submission to be the ‘Vitality Face’ of the 2015 Vitality Oxford Half Marathon.

My running history to date

In 2013 I needed to make a change. I was 107 kilograms and couldn’t run to the end of my street without being out of breath. I needed a healthy hobby and decided to start running. I hated it at first, it hurt. But I knew that I needed to go through the pain so that I could enjoy a better life and so I continued. As hard as it was, I pushed myself because I knew I had to, to make positive things happen in my life. Just over two years on and my life has changed in so many ways mainly down to running. I’m now 84 kilograms! And I feel fantastic for it. Running has changed so many aspects of my life from improved health, better relationships, business successes and personal development that has lifted me to a whole new level where I now believe anything is possible. I’m more focused, driven, successful and more alive. It feels great, I feel great and it’s running that has done it.

I have covered a total of 2,479 miles so far in training and below is what I have achieved in running races in the last 2 years since starting:

  • 51 x 5K parkruns (Personal Best – 19 minutes 10 seconds)
  • 5 x 10K’s (Personal Best – 40 minutes 49 seconds)
  • 13 x Half Marathons (Personal Best – 1 Hour 27 Minutes 05 Seconds)
  • 2 x Marathons (Personal Best – 3 Hours 52 Minutes 50 Seconds)
  • 1 x 50K Ultra Marathon

I’m now heading towards the Oxford Half Marathon as the ‘Face of Vitality’ as part of my training schedule to build up to four 50 mile trail ultra marathons in 2016. It’s going to be a huge challenge but one that I am 100% committed to completing.

My goal as a Vitality Face

Running has made me feel inspired to do much more in life, to live life to my true potential and to find out what my body’s limits are. Being inspired is a fantastic feeling but to ‘inspire’ would take it to a whole new level. I want to give back to people, to inspire people to be the very best version of themselves that they can be. To teach people how to run far, how to run hard, how to eat well, how to turn off pain and how to create a version of themselves that they didn’t realise was possible.

It is possible! I am proof of it. Anyone can do anything that they focus their efforts towards if they truly work hard for it, if they take continual steps, one in front of the other. It’s inevitable.

So my goal as the Vitality Face is ‘to inspire others to go on the journey of discovery that running will give them and reap the many benefits from it’. We live in a beautiful world. Running can take you to places that many never see. I hope to inspire others to go searching and viewing the beautiful world with a new clearer vision.

My biggest role model

My biggest role model is without a doubt Arnold Schwarzenegger, the man is a legend. He has managed to continually reinvent himself through his life in a number of different careers and the whole time people around him in his life told him he couldn’t do it or he wouldn’t succeed. He ignored them all and has had three extremely successful careers -in body building, film and politics. He lives by 6 rules in life that have certainly enhanced my development.

1: Trust yourself, 2: Break some rules, 3: Don’t be afraid to fail, 4: Ignore the naysayers 5: Work like hell, 6: Give something back.

To achieve my success in running to date I have done all of the first 5 of Arnie’s rule book. Number 6 starts now as the ‘Face of Vitality’ for the Vitality Oxford Half Marathon 2015….

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