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How to resist the lure of sugary treats

Nutritionist Fiona Hunter gives her indispensable advice on the healthier alternatives to sugary snacks, with tips to help you beat your sweet cravings With the news full of stories covering the negative affects of sugar – from links to weight gain and heart disease to how addictive it can be – we ask nutritionist Fiona Hunter…

Caramelised parsnip and coconut soup with parsnip bhajis

“Caramelising root vegetables really enhances their flavour and in this soup the parsnip has a lovely sweetness and nuttiness. It’s rich and comforting but doesn’t contains dairy or anything other than natural vegetable ingredients. The bhajis are a great ‘support act’ too!” says Chantelle Nicholson. Ingredients: For the parsnip and coconut soup 2 tbsp coconut…