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15 foods that taste amazing in autumn

Our three Great British Chefs share their favourite seasonal autumn ingredients to cook with now From comforting berry crumbles and tender game roasts to delicious root vegetables and earthy wild mushrooms, the autumn harvest offers some of the best ingredients for warm and comforting dishes. What could be better to get you through the cold…

How do I know if I have IBS?

With one in five of us suffering from IBS, we tackle the taboo subject by asking dietician Jo Travers for her advice on the symptoms and treatments A massive 20% of us will experience IBS in our lives, with some studies finding that women are twice as likely to suffer as men. And yet it’s a…

The truth about organic food shopping

Whether you’re confused about the ‘Dirty Dozen’ or curious about the nutritional benefits of going organic, dietician Jo Travers shares her advice for creating your next shopping list With the reported benefits of buying organic including higher levels of nutrients, the organic market is seeing year on year growth – with 39% of shoppers now buying organic on…