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Power napping: is it worth it?

It’s natural to feel a bit tired after the excess of the festive season, but can a power nap really help restore your energy levels? Health journalist Rosalind Ryan investigates If you’re fighting off the 3pm energy slump today, you’re not alone. But there’s one solution hailed as the best way to restore your energy…

7 ways to support someone who’s grieving

Nearly everyone has lost someone they love, so how can you help a friend or loved one who is grieving? When you lose someone you love, the grief can be overwhelming. During the festive season, things can be particularly difficult. Health journalist Rosalind Ryan asks the experts for their advice on how to support someone…

Do you need to work on managing your anger?

Psychologist and anger management specialist Dr John Ashworth explains why we might be prone to snaps of rage and what it means to have an anger issue Anger is a natural human reaction when we experience stresses and difficulties. However, anger can be problematic if it becomes a regular reaction – it can have a…